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  1. Define Operating Authority:
    The right to exercise control over an assigned portion of the power system to establish the conditions for and to issue SPGs, LLPs, ANRPs
  2. Define Operating Responsibility:
    The right to exercise control over an assigned portion of the power system
  3. Who is the PIC? Define
    The PIC is the person that has been assigned both Operating Authority and Operating Responsibility for an assigned portion of the Power System
  4. Define Isolated
    A piece of equipment/conductor that has had its normal source of hazardous energy removed by opening and securing switches/ cutouts/ line disconnects/ bus disconnects (tagging/locking)
  5. Define SPG
    An assurance that conductors or equipment are isolated and will remain so
  6. Define GOI
    A duly stated and logged guarantee between PICs of different Operating Authorities that a switch will be  opened, secured, and remain so
  7. What is the SPRs
    The set of rules and instructions that govern access and work on the power system by and for BCH
  8. What types of drawings can be used for operating switches
    • Operating One Line Diagrams
    • Distribution Operating Diagrams(DOD)
    • Circuit Location Diagrams(CLD)
    • Primary Maps(PY)
    • Underground Distribution Diagrams(UDD)
    • Feeder Cable Diagrams
    • Electronic Representations
  9. What is a tailboard
    • Documented meeting between 2 or more workers
    • Before work begins
    • When scope of work changes
    • After work finishes
  10. What is Switching Order? When is a switching order form required?
    • An order describing switching steps
    • Clear and precise instructions
    • Proper sequence of switching steps
    • Clear and precise equipment designations and descriptions
    • Form required when three or more steps
  11. With the numbering structure # L - # # X, Identify the subject group associated with #, L.#
    • 1 – Policy & Standards
    • 2 - Technical
    • 3 – Station
    • 4 – Energy Source
    • 5 – Transmission and Distribution Circuit
    • 6 – Area or System Emergency
    • 7 – Composite Network
    • T – Transmission
    • D – Distribution
    • J - Joint
    • G - Generation
  12. Differentiate between the level I-IV and level V equipment.
    • Level I-IV has more than one hazardous source of infeed and shows up on a one line diagram.
    • Level V has one hazardous source of infeed and doesn’t show up on a one line diagram.
  13. How are Safety Protection Guarantees(SPGs) enforced
    With 'Do Not Operate' tags on the isolation points
  14. What is Column 2 LOA
    The 'normal' distances for qualified electrical workers
  15. Who can receive a Clearance
    A qualified worker authorized to PSSP Cat 5
  16. What is the Operating Communication Protocol
    • -In all operating instructions, words are specific and follow intended sequence of operation
    • -clear and precise terms must be used
    • -the 'repeat back method' must be used
  17. What is a live line permit
    A permit that allows work on energized conductors or equipment
  18. What is Column 3 LOA
    • Distances for:
    • -qualified workers operating uninsulated equipment
    • -unqualified workers when continuously directed by qualified workers
    • -workers qualified specially trained(arbourists)
  19. What is Column 2 LOA for vehicles and equipment
    Under direct and continuous supervision of a qualified electrical worker, vehicles and equipment are permitted to drive underneath exposed, energized electrical conductors and overhead equipment maintaining their LOA
  20. Define Guarantee of No Reclose
    A stated and duly logged guarantee between two PICS of two different Operating Authorities that a Reclose device is turned off, secured(not be reclosed) and will remain so
  21. Define Qualified
    Accepted as satisfactory in reference to experience, training, education, personal competency, physical ability, and familiarity with rules, procedures, equipment, and dangers involved in the work or the operation
  22. What are the six rules associated with Live Line Permits
    • -a permit must be obtained from the PIC
    • -the person receiving the LLP must be qualified
    • -all reclosing devices must be disabled and tagged
    • -there must be means of direct communication between the PIC and Permit holder
    • -in case of de-energization, the LLP holder must be contacted before re-energization
    • -the circuit involved shall not be paralleled without notifying the LLP holder
  23. What is Column 4 LOA
    The distances for unqualified workers and their equipment
  24. What is table 401 LOA
    The distances that shall be maintained between workers(including their extensions of reach caused by conductive tools) and exposed energized electrical conductors and equipment
  25. What is a Clearance
    An SPG issued by the PIC which is a guarantee that a conductor or equipment is isolated and will remain so
  26. What are the 3 Safety Protection Guarantees(SPGs)
    • -Clearance
    • -Test and Work
    • -SelfProtection
  27. What is the Work Check Procedure
    • -A written procedure for checking on the well being of a worker when working alone in hazardous situations
    • -Pre-determined call in times must be established
    • -If the worker check authority is unsuccessful in contacting the worker, they will initiate a rescue response
  28. What is PSSP (1T-12)
    • -BCHydro operating orders
    • -the required constraints applied to the power system to provide worker protection from power system hazards
  29. What is the procedure for a worker receiving a Protection Extension from a Clearance
    • -the worker must be PSSP Cat 3
    • -the existing Clearance is appropriate for the work being done
    • -the worker must know all the associated hazards
    • -the workers name, date and time must be recorded
  30. What is Column 1 LOA
    • The 'absolute' limits for a qualified worker
    • -with a detailed work plan
    • -for a specific purpose
  31. What are the rules with entering unattended stations
    • -Only authorized workers or those accompanied by an authorized worker may enter
    • -Their time of entry and exit must be recorded in the Station Log
  32. How can protection be attained from hazardous energy
    • Avoiding
    • Eliminating
    • Controlling
  33. Define Authorized
    Having been approved for specific access to the power system by an authorized manager
  34. What is an Assurance to No Reclose Permit(ANRP)
    A permit to work near energized conductors or equipment
  35. During work involving a LLP, worker protection depends on:
    Proper work practices and approved, tested, and well maintained LL tools
  36. When can an isolating device on a one line diagram(Level1-4) be operated without permission from the PIC
    In the case of emergency to protect life and prevent injury
  37. What should a worker performing switching check before operating a disconnect switch
    The semaphore position of adjacent CB
  38. Only Tags illustrated in ___________ shall be used to enforce protective conditions
    Appendix C
  39. The PIC must:
    • -ensure the status of their portion of power system is accurately represented on mimic display
    • -direct field staff in switching Level 1-4 equipment
    • -maintain the official log
    • -confirm the holder of an SPG(authorized to cat 5)
    • -authorize work on their portion of power system
  40. What happens after SPG issued
    • Worker tests for zero potential
    • Worker applys grounding/bonding
  41. What is applied to provide reduced exposure to unauthorized access
    System Locks
  42. What is the Official Log
    • Log used by PIC to record:
    • Switching(system operation)
    • SPG's
    • LLP's
    • ANRP's
  43. What is a Plant Alteration
    A document that indicates permanent changes to a distribution system
  44. What does a Control Center consist of
    • Control room
    • communications equipment
    • mimic displays
    • logs, tags, OO's
    • instructions
    • documents
    • records
  45. PSSP____________will be used in operating the power system to indicate device status and for __________of isolation points established for the purpose of issuing ______________.
    • mimic displays
    • safety tagging
    • SPG's, LLP's, ANRP's
  46. With regards to switching, when is the mimic display tagged
    • After switching is completed
    • Before SPG is issued
  47. What process is tagging a part of
    Tagging is a part of the switching process
  48. Can operating 1 line diagrams be used as Mimic displays
    • Yes
    • color coded isolation points enclosed by color coded lines indicate isolation zone
    • dated, signed notation and SPG information included
  49. What is a Transfer of Operating Authority
    Used by two PICS to move the operating boundary to bring lines/equipment all within one area 
  50. Define Energized
    Any electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, chemical, or thermal energy, or force such as gravity that could potentially harm workers
  51. What is a Mimic Display
    Current representation of operating status of electrical system
  52. What is (3) designation mean
    • Individual motor controlled switches require a (3) to indicate this
    • Each motor requires an SPG tag
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