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  1. What are Micelles composed of?
    • Digestion products of fats
    • Phospholipids
    • Bile Salts
  2. Why do Micelles continually break down?
    To provide fatty acids and monoglycerides for diffusion
  3. When do Micelles form?
    Reform when lipase generates more digestion products
  4. What happens to FAs and Monoglycerides once inside the enterocytes?
    They are resynthesized into triacylglycerol
  5. Where does synthesis of monoglycerides and FAs to Triglycerols occur?
    In the ER
  6. What does the ER do to Monoglyerides and FAs after absorption?
    Converts them back into triglycerols
  7. After triglycerol reformation in the enterocyte what is formed?
    Chylomicron (small fat droplet coated with an amphipathic protein)
  8. What is a Chylomicron?
    A small fat droplet formed by Triglycerols in the enterocyte that is coated with amphipathic proteins
  9. What happens to chylomicrons after they are formed?
    • Packaged into vesicles in Golgi
    • Fuse with basolateral membrane
    • Contents expelled into interstitum by exocytosis
  10. After Chylomicrons are expelled into the interstitium, what happens to them?
    They are absorbed into lacteals
  11. Why are Chylomicrons not absorbed into the capillaries?
    Too large
  12. How bog are Chylomicrons?
    1 micrometer
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