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  1. Define Cisco Extension Mobility.
    A user can log in to any IP Phone in the cluster; that phone is dynamically configured with the user’s DN, Speed dials, and other custom configurations.
  2. Which of the following is not an administrative option when a user attempts to log in to multiple devices using Cisco Extension Mobility?
    a. allow multiple logins

    b. prompt user

    c. deny login

    d. auto logout
  3. How can call-forwarding options be configured in CUCM?  (choose all that apply).
    a. administratively, using the CM admin pages
    b. automatically, using device defaults

    c. by the user from the IP phone

    d. by theuser from the User Web Pages

    e. by the user using Cisco Unified CallForward Central
    a c d
  4. A user hears another phone ringing, presses a softkey, enters a number, and the call is extended to his phone. 

    What feature did the user just invoke?

    a. call pickup
    b. group call pickup
    c. other group call pickup
    d. call intercept

    • call pickup  (same group #)  press Call Pickup softkey
    • Group call pickup (other group)  press GPickup softkey and dial DNnumber of the ringing phone
    • Other Group pickup (other group, but they are associated),  press OGroup softkey,
  5. Which of the following is the correct order of a call flow through a Call Hunting system?
    a. hunt pilot, hunt group, hunt list, DN

    b. hunt pilot, hunt list, hunt group, DN

    c. hunt group, hunt list, line group, DN

    d. hunt pilot, hunt list, line group, DN
  6. T or F    You can only create an Intercom button that speed dials the target: you cannot create an Intercom button that allows you to dial the target manually.
  7. Which of the following are distro algorithm choices for Hunt Lists? (choose all that apply)
    a. Top-down
    b. Round-robin
    c. Simultaneous
    d. Broadcast
    e. Longest Idle
    f. Circular
    g. Multicast
    • a d e f
    • BLT C

    • (nuemonic) Bacon Lettuce Tomatoe CLub
    • Broadcast, Longest idle, Top down, Circular
  8. John is on the phone with Guy, Lesley uses Whisper Intercom to speak to John, What happens?
    John hears lesley, Guy does not, and lesley does not hear John.
  9. CUCM includes native Presence capability.  What 3 IP phone states is CUCM Native Presence able to monitor?
    a. On Hook
    b. Logged Out
    c. Off Hook
    d. Unregistered
    a c d
  10. Which of the following describes the interaction of Presence Groups and Subscribe CSS?
    a. BLF speed dials depend on both in order to function.

    b. The Subscribe CSS overrides the Presence Group subscription permission.

    c. The Presence Group subscription permission overrides the Subscribe CSS.

    d. Both the Subscribe CSS and the Presence Group subscription permission must both allow subscription in order to allow presence indications to work properly.
  11. Describe Cisco EM (Extension Mobility).
    Cisco EM allows a user to log in to any phone in the CUCM cluster. 
  12. What are the 7 steps to enable EM in CUCM?
    • 1. Activate Cisco EM service.
    • 2. Config EM service paramenters.
    • 3. Add the EM service.
    • 4. Create default Device profile for each model of phone in use.
    • 5. Create device profiles and subscribe them to the EM service.
    • 6. Create end users and associate them with Device Profiles.
    • 7. Enable EM for phones and subscribe phones to the EM service.
    • 1-3  EM service related.
    • 4-5 default profiles (phone and device).
    • 6 – end user to Device Profiles.
    • 7 – EM phones to EM service.  
  13. Describe intercom.
    Intercom allows a button to be configured that calls an intercom line on another phone. 

    The recipient phone auto-answers in speakerphone mode,with the mic muted.  (known as Whisper Intercom)
  14. Define presence.
    • signaling one’s capability and willingness to communicate.
  15. How can you monitor presence status?
    • 1. Busy Lamp Field (BLF) Speed Dial
    • 2. Presence enabled call and directory lists. 
    • Note:  BLF speed dials can only be configured by an Admin.
    • Visibility into call and directory lists can be llimited through a Partition and subscribe CSS. 
    • A Subscribe CSS is specific to a Persence monitoring system.
  16. What steps do you use to configure intercom features.
    1.  Call routing > Intercom >Intercom Route Partition    Add New.

    2.  Call Routing > Intercom > Intercom DN                        Add New.

    • 3. Device > Device Settings > Phone Button Template
  17. Discuss Subscribe CSS and Presence Group relationship.
    Both must allow subscription in order for Presence status to be watched. 
  18. Phones are watchers that monitor the presence status of Presence entities (DNs and Sip trunks)
    A SIP trunk is both a watcher and a Presence entity, but only one Presence Group can be assigned to a SIP trunk.  Make sure permissions are enabled. 
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