BIOL 404-Exam 4-GI 11

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  1. luminal stimuli affect release of hormones from what cells?
    Enteroendocrine cells
  2. Where are enteroendocrine cells located?
    Scattered throughout the epithelium of the stomach and small intestine
  3. What routes can hormones take to effect the GI?
    • Paracrine
    • Systemic
  4. What do hormones effect in the GI?
    • Smooth muscle contractility
    • Glandular secretions
  5. What four gastrointestinal hormones have been clearly identified?
    • Gastrin
    • Cholecystokinin (CCK)
    • Secretin
    • Glucose-dependent insulinotropic peptide (GIP)
  6. Where is Gastrin secreted?
    The epithelial cells of the antrum of the stomach
  7. What stimulates gastrin release?
    • PNS activity
    • Protein digestion in the stomach
  8. What does Gastrin do?
    • Stimulates gastric acid secretion
    • Stimulates growth of gastric mucosa
  9. What GI hormone stimulates growth of the gastric mucosa?
  10. How can release of Gastrin be inhibited?
    By acid in the stomach
  11. Where is Cholestokinin secreted?
    Epithelial cells of the small intestine
  12. What is the stimuli for release of Cholcystokinin?
    AAs and FAs in small intestine
  13. What are the actions o fCholecystokinin?
    • inhibits gastric motility
    • Stimulates pancreatic secretion
    • stimulates gallbladder to contract
  14. What GI hormone inhibits motility?
  15. Where is Secretin released?
    epithelial cells of the small intestine
  16. What is the stimulus for release of secretin?
    Acid in the small intestine
  17. What is the action of Glucose dependant insulinotropic peptide (GIP)?
    • stimulates insulin secretion
    • inhibits gastric motility
  18. Where is Glucose-dependant insulinotropic peptide hormone secreted?
    epithelial cells in the small intestine
  19. What is the stimuli for glucose dependant isulinotropic peptide?
    Glucose and fat in teh small inetstine
  20. What GI hormone is stimulated by glucose and fat in the small intestine?
    Glucose dependant insulinotropic peptide
  21. How is the controll of gastrointestinal process divided up?
    by loaction of stimulus
  22. What are the three phases of gastrointestinal control?
    • Cephalic phase
    • gastric phase
    • intestinal phase
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