BIOL 404-Exam 4-GI 21

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  1. How often does the Migrating Motility Complex occur?
    Every 2 hours
  2. When does the Migrating Motility Complex occur?
    after most of the meal has been absorbed
  3. What is the Migrating Motility Complex?
    Strong peristaltic contractions that arises in the stomach and moves to the ileum, occurring every 12 hours
  4. What is the function of the Migrating Motility Complex?
    • Moves undigested material into large intestine
    • Prevents bacteria from remaining in small intestine long enough to grow
  5. What controls Migrating Motility Complex?
    • Increased Motilin
    • ENS
  6. What is gastroileal reflex?
    • Segmentation activity in ileum during periods of gastric emptying
    • Moves ileal contents into the large intestine
  7. What is the intestino-intestinal reflex?
    • Complete cessation of intestinal motility due to:
    • Large distentions of the small intestine
    • injury to intestinal wall
    • Bacterial infections
  8. Bile acids are synthesized and secreted by what?
    The Liver
  9. The large intestine consists of what parts?
    • Cecum
    • Ascending colon
    • Transverse colon
    • Descending colon
    • Sigmoid colon
    • Rectum
  10. What are the dimensions of the Large intestine?
    2.5 inches and is 4 ft in length
  11. What does the mucosal surface of the large intestine look like?
    No convolutions or villi
  12. What is the purpose of large intestine secretions?
    protect mucosa
  13. What is the composition of large intestine secretions?
    Small amount of mucus, water, bicarbonate, and potassium
  14. What is the main function of the Large intestine?
    Absorption of salt and water
  15. How are water and salt absorbed in the large intestine?
    • Active transport of sodium is
    • Followed by osmotic absorption of water
  16. What is the purpose of large intestine motility?
    • mixes and propels luminal contents
    • excretes feces
  17. What are the patterns of motility found in the large intestine?
    • segmentation contractions
    • mass movement
    • defecation reflex
  18. How often do segmentation contractions of the large intestine occur?
    Every 30 minutes
  19. Food remains in the large intestine for how long?
    18 to 24 h
  20. What is Mass movement?
    • wave of intense peristaltic contraction rapidly spreads over colon towards rectum
    • occurs 3-4 times per day generally following a meal
    • Coincides with gastroileal reflex
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