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  1. What is the defecation reflex?
    Stimulated by feces entering rectum (usually in response to mass movements)
  2. What part of the NS integrates Mass movements?
    Enteric nerve plexus
  3. What stimulates Mass movements?
    • Chyme in the duodenum
    • Food in the stomach
  4. What stimulates defecation?
    Presence of feces in colon
  5. How does the presence of feces in the colon stimulate defecation?
    parasympathetic and local reflexes
  6. defecation is involuntary or voluntary?
  7. Where is Populsive motility produced to push feces out?
    • Descending colon
    • Rectum
  8. The involuntary portion of defecation is what?
    • The propulsive motility
    • Internal anal sphincter relaxation
  9. The voluntary part of defecation consists of what?
    • An increase in intra abdominal pressure
    • External anal sphincter relaxation
  10. How much flatus is expelled per day?
    150 mL
  11. What sources of flatus are there?
    • Air is ingested with a meal
    • Gas is produced in small intestine via production of carbon dioxide by acid neutralization
    • Colon, bacterial fermentation produces gas
  12. Where is most of Flatus derived from?
    • 50% is derived from swallowed air
    • Rest is produced by the digestive process
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