AP Vocabulary #12

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  1. Condemn
    To express strong disapproval of; denounce
  2. Discredit
    To cause to be doubted
  3. Disparage
    To speak of in a slighting way or negatively; to belittle
  4. Pejorative
    Describing words or phrases that belittle or speak negatively of someone
  5. Plagiarism
    The act of passing off the ideas or writing of another as one's own
  6. Vilify
    To make vicious statements about
  7. Brusque
    Rudely abrupt
  8. Caustic
    Bitingly sarcastic or witty
  9. Fractious
    Quarrelsome; unruly
  10. Incorrigible
    Unable to be reformed
  11. Ingrate
    An ungrateful person
  12. Insolent
    Insultingly in manner or speech
  13. Notorious
    Known widely and usually unfavorably; infamous
  14. Pugnacious
    Combative; belligerent
  15. Reprehensible
    Worthy of blame
  16. Brittle
    Easily broken when subjected to pressure
  17. Deleterious
    Having a harmful effect; injurious
  18. Enmity
    Mutual hatred or ill-will
  19. Heinous
    Hatefully evil; abominable
  20. Malfeasance
    Wrongdoing; misconduct
  21. Malice
    Extreme ill-will or spite
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