The French !! 5-2-13

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  1. French followers of John Calvin's religious philosophy
  2. From the 1560s --> 1590s religious wars between the ____ and the ____ majority tore apart France
    Huguenots, Catholics
  3. Henry IV
    Huguenot leader of France Henry of Navarre

    Recognized that ruling a predominantly Catholic France would be impossible so he converted to Christianity

    Paris is "way worth a mass"

    Despite converting to Catholicism, Henry wanted to protect the protestants

    Issued the Edict of Nantes - 1598

    The government reached into every area of life

    Royal officials administered justice, improved roads, built bridges, and revived agriculture

    Henry laid the foundations of royal absolutism
  4. Edict of Nantes
    Granted religious toleration, and allowed the Huguenots to fortify their cities
  5. Louis XIV
    "I am the State" - Boy King

    Grandson of Phillip II of Spain

    Took the sun as the symbol of his power

    Like the sun that stands at the center of the universe the kind stands at the center of France

    Claimed the divine right to rule

    Louis never called the Estates General

    While he did not rely on Parliament, he found an expert organizer in his chief finance minister, Jean Baptise Colbert

    Encouraged mercantilism, expanded French colonial empire and made France the wealthiest state in Europe

    Despite this wealth Louis was able assume tremendous debt with his luxurious overspending
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