Seventh Grade Science BMS Quiz

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  1. What are the five functions of the skeletal system?
    Provide shape and support, protect internal organs, enables you to move, produces blood cells, and stores material for later use
  2. What is the skeletal system made up of?
    Bone and cartilage
  3. What are joints?
    Where two or more bones meet
  4. What are the two types of joints?
    Immovable and movable
  5. What type of joint does not move?
    an immovable joint
  6. What type of joint does move?
    A movable joint
  7. What are the four types of movable joints?
    Gliding, hinge, socket, and pivot
  8. What is the outer layer of skin called?
    The epidermis
  9. What is the lower layer of skin called?
    the dermis
  10. What does the epidermis not contain?
    Nerves and blood muscles
  11. What is the dermis made of?
    Nerves, blood vessels, oil glands, sweat glans, and hair
  12. What are the three kinds of muscles?
    Skeletal, smooth, and cardiac
  13. What are some key facts of skeletal muscles?
    They connect bones of the skeletal system, they are voluntary, they are striated, they react and tire slowly, they work in pairs because the can only contact or shorten
  14. What are some key facts about smooth muscles?
    Smooth muscles are involuntary and work automatically to control many things like digestion. They react slowly and tire slowly
  15. What are some key facts about cardiac muscles?
    They make your heart pump, they are striated, and they react quickly but never tire
  16. What vitamin does skin produce?
  17. Describe two ways that the muscular or skeletal system works with another body system.
    • -The nerve system tells muscles how to move
    • -The skeletal system makes RBCs for the circulatory system
    • -Both lets the digestive system move food into the body
  18. What attaches two bones together?
  19. What attaches a bone and a muscle together?
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