FA Med, Camelid I

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  1. what are the two types of old world camelids?
    • dromedary
    • bactrian
  2. which camelid has D shaped hump, is from Africa and doesn't handle cold well?
  3. Where is Bactrian from? does it handle cold?
    • B hump
    • Asia
    • well suited for cold
  4. what is the largest of the new world camelids? what is the smallest?
    • biggest: llama
    • smallest: vicuna
  5. how do you distinguish between the 2 aplacas, huacaya and suri?
    • H: shorter, more crimped fiber
    • S: long, crimpless fiber hangs in ringlets
  6. what products do camelids provide?
    yarn, fiber, clothing
  7. what is ave. adult wt of llama vs. alpaca?
    • L: 250-450 lb
    • A: 120-175
  8. what is gestation length of llama v. alpaca?
    • L: 331-359d
    • A: 335d
  9. what is lifespan of llama v. alpaca?
    • L:15-29yr
    • A:14-24yr
  10. what are male and female neonates called?
    crias (no gender distinction)
  11. what is camelid behavior? how do they express pain?
    • bold, inquisitive
    • stoic, don't express in obvious ways
  12. what is "cushing"? what is "humming"? "Orgling"?
    • cush: normal posture for laying down or when scared
    • humming: vocalization
    • orgling: male sound at breeding
  13. Are camelids hierarchical?
    yes, fight, kick, spit to establish territory/hierarchy
  14. what is a "bezerk" or "rogue" male?
    one imprinted on humans when young -now show territorial/hierarchy behavior to humans
  15. how many incisors and fighting teeth do camelids have?
    • 3 lower incisors (x2) - upper dental pad
    • 3 fighting teeth: 2 upper/1 lower(x2)
  16. Fighting teeth are mainly seen in males and erupt at what age?
    ~2 years
  17. Describe camelid feet.
    • 2 digits per foot
    • soft pad over corium and digital cushion
    • nail is not wt bearing
  18. why are camelids called pseudoruminants?
    only 3 compartment "rumen"
  19. Which compartment secretes HCl?
    C3 distal 5th secretes HCl and pepsinogen
  20. How many contractions should be heard per minute when auscaulting C1? what about C2?
    • 5-8 contractions/minute
    • (can't hear sounds from C2 or C3)
  21. what do camelids share in common with pig GIT?
    spiral colon - oral fluids to manage impactions
  22. What do camelids do for their fiber/wool since they do not have lanolin?
    dust serves as water repellent
  23. what is the thermal window?
    short hair on ventral trunk
  24. where can normal calluses be found?
    • ventral thorax
    • dorsal carpi
    • side of metatarsi
    • dorsal interdigital spaces
  25. can camelids sweat? is skin thick or thin?
    • yes, apocrine sweat glands dense over ventrum; sebaceous glands around perineum
    • thick skin, esp over dorsum
  26. how should camelids be restrained?
    • in a shute with belly band so cant cush
    • can grab base of ear (NO twisting!)
    • spit rag
  27. what should you be aware of when placing halter?
    • don't obstruct soft nasal passage - obligate nasal breathers
    • don't pull halter - they will cush
  28. How should you suggest urine be collected?
    • have owner follow to dung pile;
    • tape cup to prepuce/vulva
    • can catheterize female
  29. what is normal SG of camelid urine?
    1.10 - 1.048
  30. is orogastric or nasogastric tube easier to place?
  31. where is blood collected?
    • jugular vein - occlude at 6th vertebrae
    • lateral margin of ear
    • cephalic in crias
    • middle coccygeal
    • medial saphenous v - difficult
  32. Clinical pathology is similar to cow except what?
    • elliptical RBCs
    • anemia common
    • glucose higher
  33. where are SQ injection sights?
    • neck
    • behind elbow
    • behind scapula
  34. where are IM injection sights?
    • neck
    • caudal thigh
  35. what is TPR?
    • T: 99.5-102
    • P: 60-90
    • R: 10-30
  36. When performing PE, what should remember is normal about mucous membranes?
    • gums can be darkly pigmented
    • (don't try to check the prepuce)
  37. What should you not expect to see when performing otic exam?
    dt curved ear canal, can't visualize tympanum
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