FA Med F, SRum II

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  1. Mastitis is primarily subclinical and caused by what?
    staph aureus
  2. what is contagious agalactia?
    • mycoplasma spp.
    • arthritis, conjunctivitis, pneumonia
  3. Since most Abs are not labelled for goats, how are drug residues avoided?
    • 1.5-3x withdrawal for intramammary
    • check with FARAD or AMDUCA
  4. what is floppy kid syndrome?
    • unknown etiology in fat/sassy kids
    • "dish rag" w/severe refractory *metabolic acidosis*
    • (poss. dt clostridium overgrowth)
  5. how is floppy kid syndrome avoided?
    • don't feed large amt of milk
    • smaller, frequent meals
    • oral bicarb
  6. how is floppy kid syndrome treated?
    • oral bicarb if not severe yet
    • IV bicarb (BW x 0.6 x base deficit)
  7. what is cause of ovine progressive pneumonia? presentation?
    • nononcogenic retrovirus in monocyte/macrophages
    • progressive *emaciation, mastitis* (hard bag)
    • progressive respiratory failure
  8. how is OPP treated?
    difficult to eradiacte; cull from herd
  9. what presenting signs are similar between OPP and CAE?
    • wasting (more severe w/OPP)
    • mastitis/hard bag
    • chronic interstitial pneumonia
    • arthritis
    • neuro disease (CAE esp.)
  10. what diseases does chlamydia psittaci vx protect against?
    • abortion
    • infected joints
    • conjunctivitis
  11. when is contagious ecthyma vaccine given?
    • live virus so only when disease is on the farm
    • (proliferative lesions)
  12. when is e. coli vaccine given?
    to mom before parturition to enhance colostrum
  13. when is IBR intranasal vaccine given?
    in face of pneumonia outbreak to limit signs via IgA production
  14. what is cause of caseous lymphadenitis? what is caution with this vaccine?
    • corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis
    • can cause anaphylaxis
  15. what is cause of foot rot in sheep/goat? is this vaccine commonly given?
    • dichelobacter nodosus
    • not common, questionable efficacy
  16. how and where are injections given?
    • always SQ
    • neck in adult
    • rear flank fold, front axillary in adult/kid
  17. what is purpose of raising sheep?
    • meat
    • wool
    • breeding
  18. what are the wool breeds of sheep?
    • merino
    • rambouillet
  19. what are the meat breeds of sheep?
  20. what are the haired breeds of sheep?
    • barbados
    • katahdin
  21. what is a black faced breed common in the US with good carcass quality? What are diseases overrepresented in this breed?
    • suffolk
    • -scrapie, spider lamb disease, abomasal emptying defect
  22. which is one of the largest breeds of sheep with heaviest fleece?
  23. what is small framed white face sheep with no wool on legs or face?
  24. what is sheep behavior?
    • move with the flock; no wandering like with goats
    • maternal/lamb bond is strong
  25. are marking crayons helpful tools when processing sheep?
    no, they can stain the wool so don't use them
  26. where should ram be kept? how can they be restrained?
    • separate pen with bell on so know where he is
    • -mask makes them more submissive; hold chin up and push back
  27. what time of year are lambs born ready for market, thus prices are cheaper?
    fall (aug-sep)
  28. for feedlot sheep farm to work, when does lambing take place? By when must breeding ewes by 150lbs?
    • january - enter feedlot in fall
    • 150lbs by september 1
  29. what is a venereal disease of concern that can be carried by rams? how/when is this tested for?
    • brucella ovis
    • ELISA 1-2 months BEFORE breeding
  30. which diseases are commonly vaccinated against in sheep? what other services are on the "pre breeding check list"?
    • enzootic abortion in ewes
    • vibriosis (campylobacter)
    • C. perfringens C, D and Tetanus
  31. foot trim/bath
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