Music history final

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  1. Maple Leaf Rag
    Scott Joplin, 1899
  2. Back water blues
    Bessie Smith, 1927, Classic Blues
  3. West End Blues
    King Oliver with Louis Armstrong 1926, Nawlins Jazz
  4. Cotton Tail
    Duke Ellingtion, 1940, Swing
  5. Antroplogy
    Dizzie Gillespie and Charlie Parker, 1945, Bebop
  6. Gen. William Booth Enters into Heaven
    Ives 1914
  7. The Banshee
    Henry Cowell, 1925
  8. Sonata V
    John Cage 1948, sonata for prepped piano
  9. Philomel
    Babbit, 1964, Song for Soprano and pre-recorded audio
  10. Quartet for the end of time, Liturgie de cristal
    Messian, 1941, quartet
  11. Bourreax de solitude
    Pierre Boulez 1955
  12. Hyperism
    Edgar Varese 1924
  13. Threnody for the victims of hiroshima
    Penderecki 1960
  14. Image 4, Devil Music
    Crumb Black angels, string quartet, 1970
  15. Mvt 1
    Symphony No 1, Ellen Taafe Zwilich, 1982
  16. Short Ride in a fast Machine
    John Adams, 1986, piece for band
  17. No. 1 “O Weisheit”
    Arvo Part,  Seven Magnificat Antiphons, 1991
  18. Dead Elvis
    Michael Daughtery, 1993, Piece for solo bsn and chamber ensemble
  19. Seasons
    Bright Sheng, seven tunes heard in china, 1995, piece for solo cello

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