Legal Issues, Acute Conditions, Disaster Management and Bioterrorism

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  1. What is Civil Law
    concerned with the protection of the clients private rights
  2. Criminal law
    Deals with the rights of individuals and society as defined by legislative laws
  3. Nursing Malpractice:
    The failure to use that degree of care that a reasonable nurse would use under the same or similar circumstances.
  4. Malpractice is found when:
    • *the nurse owed a duty to the client
    • *The nurse did not carry out that duty or breached that duty
    • *The client was injured
    • *the nurse failed to carry out that duty caused the client injury
  5. Standards of Care
    • *Nurses are required to follow standards of care, which originate in NPA, the guidelines of professional organizations.
    • *Nurses are required to follow written policiies and procedures of employing institutions.
    • *Nurse are responsible for performing procedures correctly and exercising professional judgement when you carry out healthcare providers prescriptions
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Legal Issues, Acute Conditions, Disaster Management and Bioterrorism
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Legal Issues

Legal Issues
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