PSY 115 - Chapter 1-5 Quizzes

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  1. The three types of memory are ___.
    • -Sensory
    • -Short-term/working memory
    • -Long-term memory
  2. The three fundamental memory processes are ___.
    • -Encoding
    • -Storage
    • -Retrieval
  3. The BEST reason that 56% of the class did not accurately recognize a penny from among similar distractors is because ___.
    They have never adequately encoded the details of a penny.
  4. On average, short-term working memory can hold how many "bits" of information?
  5. The concept of encoding specificity indicates that the best place to study for your PSY 115 quizzes is in ___.
    The Ritsche Auditorium.
  6. The misinformation effect is important because it shows that ___.
    memories can be altered by information encountered after the original incident.
  7. What mid-brain structure handles transferring information from short-term working memory to long-term working memory, and vice versa?
  8. The goals of psychology are to...
    describe, understand, predict, and control behavior.
  9. Which perspective would a researcher be taking if she were studying the way children learn through reinforcement of their actions?
  10. Dr. Smith is a medical doctor and works with individuals who have cognitive and/or emotional difficulties, usually the result of injuries, strokes, or disease. Dr. Smith is most likely a...
  11. When we conduct research within the field of psychology we gather information about a specific phenomenon and then make a prediction. This prediction is referred to as the...
  12. The use of ___ helps to control for the effect of observer bias.
    "blind" observers
  13. One would predict that texting while driving and one's ability to drive are...
    Negatively correlated.
  14. A researcher designs an experiment to test the effects of playing video games on memory. What would be the dependent variable?
    Scores on a memory test.
  15. In an investigation of "new and improved" Advil, half of the participants in the study were given original Advil, while half were given the "new and improved" Advil. Those who recieved the original Advil were...
    the control group.
  16. A researcher is testing the hypothesis that exercise makes people happier. Participants in the experimental group were assessed for their level of happiness on Monday while those in the control group were assessed on Saturday. What might be a confounding variable?
    The day of the week.
  17. In this type of an experiment, neither the participants nor the experimenters know if participants are in the experimental or the control group until after the results are tallied.
  18. Critical thinking means making judgment based on...
    reason and logical evaluation.
  19. Which brain structure allows the two hemispheres to communicate?
    Corpus callosum
  20. What is the correct range for the speed of neural signals?
    2 - 200 miles per hour.
  21. Unfolded, the human brain cortex has the area of a ___ and is ___ thick.
    Sheet of newspaper; 1 - 5 millimeters.
  22. Neurons comprise approximately __% of all cells in the human brain.
  23. You are walking toward someone you have a crush on and your heart starts pounding, your hands get sweaty, and your cheeks feel hot. These are effects of your ____.
    Sympathetic nervous system
  24. Bill was admitted to the hospital last week after a stroke. He was unable to speak in a smooth, connected fashion. If Bill's difficulty speaking is due to brain damage, what is the likely location of the damage?
    Broca's area
  25. Neural signals are best characterized as ___.
  26. Silvio suffered a stroke and became paralyzed on his left side. The brain damage is on the __ hemisphere.
  27. Which part of the brain coordinates involuntary rapid fine-motor movement? (e.g., sports, musical instrument playing)
  28. A week-old infant's parents are talking to it. Baby hears a lot of hissing, humming, and puffing. The infant is...
    sensing their words.
  29. Ann went to an audiologist for a hearing test. During the test, Ann listened for tones through earphones. The tones ranged from extremely faint to moderately soft. Ann was to raise her hand whenever she thought she heard a tone. The audiologist was testing Ann's...
    absolute threshold
  30. The process of converting stimulus energy into neural signals is called...
  31. We perceive color based on the ____ of the electromagnetic radiation that strikes cones on the retina.
    Frequency or Wavelength
  32. What is the primary structure that allows one to maintain his or her balance?
    Middle ear
  33. When Bill looks at his lamp alternately with his left eye and right eye, the image seems to jump from one position to another. This phenomenon illustrates _____.
    binocular disparity
  34. Closing your eyes and being able to touch your nose with your forefinger most accurately illustrates...
    kinesthetic sense
  35. Learning is...
    any relatively permanent change in behavior brought about by experience.
  36. In a classical conditioning situation, the learned behavior (the response) is...
  37. Of the four basic elements of classical conditioning, the one the organism learns to respond to is the...
    conditioned stimulus.
  38. Every time someone flushes a toilet in your dorm bathroom the shower becomes very hot and causes you to jump back. Over time, you begin to jump back automatically after hearing the flush, but BEFORE the water temperature changes. What is the Unconditioned Response?
    jumping back to the hot water
  39. A boy has a fear of dogs. However, his fear was limited to big dogs, and not all dogs. This is an illustration of...
    stimulus discrimination.
  40. Operant conditioning is effective for learning, due to the...
    law of effect.
  41. What term associated with operant conditioning best explains why young children learn how to use the TV remote, to turn the TV on and off, so quickly?
    Continuous reinforcement.
  42. For every 10 boxes of cookies that Lisa sells, her girl scout troop gets a dollar. Lisa is being reinforced on which type of schedule?
    Fixed ratio
  43. A professor has a policy of exempting students from having to take the final exam IF they maintain perfect attendance during the semester. His students' attendance increases dramatically. This is an example of...
    negative reinforcement.
  44. While in the Skinner Box, the rat receives an electric shock whenever he presses the lever. As a result the rat stops pressing the lever. This is an example of __.
  45. Jon realized that he had learned how to prepare his father's famous chili recipe by watching his father in the kitchen for many years. This kind of learning is called...
    observational learning.
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