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  1. añadir
    to add
  2. acompañar
    to accompany
  3. dirigirse a
    to apply to
  4. aconsejar
    to advise
  5. solicitar
    to apply to
  6. ser capaz de
    to be able to
  7. tener hambre
    to be hungry
  8. aceptar
    to accept
  9. permitir
    to allow
  10. contestar
    to answer/reply
  11. discutir
    to argue
  12. llegar
    to arrive
  13. preguntar
    to ask a question
  14. hacer una pregunta
    to ask a question
  15. pedir
    to ask for
  16. evitar
    to avoid
  17. bañarse
    to bath, bathe
  18. ser
    to be
  19. estar
    to be
  20. nacer
    to be born
  21. llamarse
    to be called
  22. tener cuidado
    to be careful
  23. tener calor
    to be hot
  24. tener frío
    to be cold
  25. tener prisa
    to be in a hurry
  26. interesarse en
    to be interested in
  27. tener ganas de
    to be keen to
  28. encontrarse
    to be located
  29. estar situado
    to be located
  30. situarse
    to be located
  31. tener suerte
    to be lucky
  32. tener sueño
    to be sleepy/tired
  33. sentir
    to be sorry/feel
  34. tener éxito
    to be successful
  35. tener sed
    to be thirsty
  36. pedir prestado
    to borrow
  37. romper
    to break
  38. traer
    to break
  39. cepillarse
    to brush (teeth, hair etc.)
  40. comprar
    to buy
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