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  1. What is the max number of mailboxes supported on a single CUC server?
  2. Which of the following is NOT deployed as a Linux appliance?

    a. Cisco Unity Connection 8.x

    b. Cisco Unified Contact Center 8.x

    c. Cisco Unified Communications Manager 8.x

    d. Cisco Emergency Responder

    e. Cisco Unified Presence
  3. Which of the following are supported phone-system integrations in CUC?  (choose all that apply.)

    a. CUCM using SCCP

    b. IP PBX using SIP

    c. Digital PBX using PIMG

    d. PPX using AMIS

    e. PBX using analog DTMF
    a b c
  4. Which of the following represents the correct order of processing of components when a user presses his Messages button?

    a. voicemail pilot, voicemail profile, hunt group, hunt list, line group, vm port

    b. voicemail profile, voicemail pilot, hunt pilot, hunt list, line group, vm port

    c. vm profile, vm port, vm pilot, hunt pilot, hunt list, line group

    d. hunt pilot, hunt list, line group, vm profile, vm pilot, vm port

    remember them in groups.

    voicemail>  profile then pilot  (pRofile - pIlot)

    hunt >  pilot then list  (Pilot, List)

    Line group

    voicemail port
  5. Which of the following is NOT a call handler type in CUC?

    a. System Call Handler

    b. Directory Call Handler

    c. Interview Call Handler

    d. Holiday Call Handler

    SDI  System, Directory, Interview
  6. Which of the following would be processed by Direct Routing Rules in CUC? (Choose 2)

    a. Bill dials Max, but max is on the phone so it goes to voicemail.

    b. Max dials Keisa's phone, but  she is away from her deesk, so it goes to voicemail.

    c. Keisa dials Angies phone, which is forwarded to Angies cell phone and Keisha gets Angies's cellphone vm.

    d. Max sees his message lamp and presses the Messages button to check his voicemail.

    e. Bill calls the company number from home and hears the auto-attendant opening greeting.
    d, e
  7. Where can the Maximum Message Length be set? (Choose 3)

    a. Class of Service

    b. User Template

    c. User Account Settings

    d. Mailbox Quotas

    e. Message Store Settings
    a  b  c
  8. Guy is the CUC admin. He uses AXL to import user accounts from the CUCM database into CUC.  What is the result?

    a. Usernames and aliases of users imported via AXL cannot be changed in CUC.

    b. User passwords cannot be changed in CUC.

    c. Active Directory regularly syncs users to CUC.

    d. User accounts can no longer be created in the local CUC database.
  9. Guy notices that some of the user accounts he wants to import from CUCM into CUC using AXL do not appear in the list of users found via AXL.  What might be the problem?

    a. The LDAP Manager account password is incorrect.

    b. User passwords cannot be changed in CUC.

    c. The missing user accounts are not configured with a Primary Extension in the CUCM database.

    d. The missing user accounts had the Do Not List In Directory setting checked.
  10. Pete wants to be able to call into the CUC Auto-Attendant number from his mobile phone and be prompted to enter his PIN for quick access to his mailbox. What should he ask the CUC administrator to do for him?

    a. Configure a special dial peer on the gateway router to send calls from Pete's number to an Attempt Sgn-In conversation on CUC.

    b. Tell Pete about the hidden key press during the Opening Greetings that will send him to the Attempt sign-In conversation.

    c. Buy a different voicemail system, because CUC cannot do this.

    d. Add an alternate extension with the ten-digit ANI of Pete's mobile phone.
  11. What is available in CUCM 8.x that simplifies integration of CUC with CUCM using SCCP?

    the Voicemail Port Wizard.

    Wizard requests input for setting up the system, then generates voice ports in CUCM and adds them to a Line Group.

    The administrator must manually setup Hunt list and hunt pilot to support line group. 

    call flow is as follows. 

    • Voice Mail Profile
    • Voice Mail pilot
    • Hunt Pilot
    • Hunt List
    • Line Group
    • Voicemail port
  12. Detail call flow for CUC integration using SIP.
    • Voice Mail Profile
    • Voice Mail Pilot
    • Route Pattern
    • SIP trunk (to CUC)
  13. What are the two primary routing criteria built in to CUC?
    Direct Calls - pressing messages button on phone, direct call to CUC, or dialing in from PSTN

    Forwarded Calls - Busy, NOAN, etc. 
  14. Describe Class of Service (COS) as it relates to QOS.
    It doesn't relate at all. 

    CoS is a way of assigning and restricting user privilege. 

    CoS defines greeting and msg length timers, liscensed feature access, advance feature access, alt ext definition, Private DL number call transfer abilities.
  15. What is the required field when creating CUC end users. 
    The Extension number. 

    This should be the primary DN on the user's IP phone.  When the messages button is pressed, the DN is the caller ID that CUC uses to determine if the call belongs to the owner, and then prompts for a login.
  16. What are the 5 ways to create or import users into CUC.
    • 1. Manual creation
    • 2. Bulk admin - using CSV file
    • 3. Migration from Cisco Unity (Using COBRAS)
    • 4. Import from CUCM -
    • 5. Import from LDAP -
  17. When importing users from CUCM or LDAP, what must you be aware of?
    Some information is maintained in the base system (CUCM or LDAP) and is COPIED into CUC.  CUC specific items is maintained in CUC.

    Note.  Optionally, authentication can be redirected to LDAP for ease of administration.  Single sign-on for users, and Single point of password admin is good. 
  18. Detail CUC integration with CUCM using SCCP.
    • Voicemail Profile
    • Voicemail Pilot
    • Hunt Pilot
    • Hunt List
    • Line Group
    • VoiceMail Port
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