Geography Test

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  1. Air Pressure, definition
    force exerted by the weight of the atmosphere
  2. barometer
    instrument used to determine air pressure
  3. two units that can be used to measure air pressure
    inches of mercury, and millibars (unit that measures actual force of atmosphere pushing down on surface)
  4. What air temperature and density is associated with low pressure?
    Warm air, less dense than cool air
  5. What air temperature and density is associated with high pressure?
    cold, dense air
  6. wind, definition
    horizontal movement of air, initiated because of horizontal pressure difference
  7. direction of wind is influences by...
    Coriolis effect
  8. Water vapor, definition
    odorless, colorless gas produced by evaporation of water
  9. humidity, direction
    any measure of water vapor in the air
  10. relative humidity
    ratio of air's actual water vapor content compared with amount of water vapor required for saturation at that temperature
  11. dew-point temperature
    temperature at which relative humidity of air is 100%
  12. magma, definition
    substantial proportion of melted rock from Earth's outer core
  13. 3 factors that cause it
    temperature (melting point), pressure, pressure-temperature diagrams
  14. tectonics
    study of the earth's structural features
  15. Plate Tectonics Hypothesis
    prevailing model of Earth's global tectonism; Earth's lithosphere is broken into at least a dozen major plates that move about on weak asthenosphere
  16. topographic map
    used for investigating many kinds of landforms that exist on Earth's surface, produced in late 1800s
  17. contour lines
    line drawn on topographic map that connects all points that have equal elevation above or below a datum or reference place on Earth's surface
  18. drawing contour lines
    EX: 20-foot contour interval, draw contour line for each 20-foot change in elevation below and above 100 feet
  19. topographic profiles
    "side-view", provide a more useful representation of the elevations and slopes of an area; guideline map
  20. hydrologic cycle
    describes continuous movement of water from oceans to atmosphere--> to land--> to sea
  21. infiltration
    portion of precipitation that falls on land will soak into ground
  22. runoff
    when rate of rainfall > surface's ability to absorb it, additional water flows over surface
  23. Infiltration and runoff influenced by two factors
    porosity and permeability
  24. porosity
    total volume of available pore space in soil, result of texture and structure of soil
  25. permeability
    ability of water to flow through soil or rock; function of texture and structure of medium
  26. how does a river valley change at its different stages?
    rivers & streams responsible for producing vast array of erosional & depositional landforms in both humid & regions
  27. groundwater
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