Chapter 4: American Life in Seventeenth Century, 1607-1692

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  1. headright -
    The right to acquire a certain amount of land granted to the person who finances the passage of a laborer. "Masters-not servants themselves- thus reaped the benefits of landownership from the headright system."
  2. disenfranchise -
    To take away the right to vote. "The Virginia Assembly in 1670 disenfranchised most of the landless knockabouts...."
  3. civil war -
    A conflict between the citizens of inhabitants of the same country. "... this civil war in Virginia ground on...."
  4. tidewater -
    The territory adjoining water affected by tides-this is, near the seacoast or coastal rivers. "Bacon... had pitted the hard scrabble backcountry frontiersmen against the haughty gentry of the tidewater plantations."
  5. middle passage -
    That portion of a slave ship's journey in which slaves were carried from Africa to the Americas. "... the captives were herded aboard sweltering ships for the gruesome ‘middle passage.' ..."
  6. menial -
    Fit for servants; humble or low. "... they performed the sweaty toil of clearing swamps, grubbing out for trees, and other menial tasks."
  7. militia -
    An armed force of citizens called out only in emergencies. "[They] tried to march to Spanish Florida, only to be stopped by the local militia."
  8. hierarchy -
    a social group arranged in ranks or classes. "... rough equality... was giving way to a hierarchy or wealth and status...."
  9. corporation -
    A group or institution granted legal rights to carry on certain specified activities. "...the Massachusetts Puritans established Harvard College, today the oldest corporation in America...."
  10. jeremiad -
    A sermon or prophecy warning of doom and calling for repentance. "Jeremiads continued to thunder from the pulpits...."
  11. lynching -
    The illegal killing of an accused person by mob action without due process. "A hysterical ‘witch-hunt' ensued, leading to the legal lynching in 1692 of twenty individuals...."
  12. hinterland -
    Inland region back from a port, river, or the seacoast. "No broad, fertile hinterland... beckoned people inland."
  13. social structure -
    The basic pattern of the distribution of status and wealth in a society. "... many settlers... tried to re-create on a modified scale the social structure they had known in the Old World."
  14. blue blood -
    Of noble or upper-class descent. "... would-be American blue bloods resented the pretensions of the ‘meaner sort.'..."
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