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  1. State what is meant by polarized light
    Light for which the electric field is oscillating in only one plane.
  2. State two properties of a standing wave
    No transfer of energy; variable amplitude; points along a the wave can have a constant phase difference; have stationary nodal points/points of zero displacement.
  3. State what is meant by optically active.
    A material or substance which changes the plane in which (electric) field vector rotates.
  4. Describe what is meant by the Rayleigh criterion
    The Rayleigh criterion is used to establish when the image of two objects are just resolved/Rayleigh criterion describes the resolution condition; the minimum of one diffraction pattern falls onto the maximum of the other;
  5. Describe how the Rayleigh criterion affects the design of telescopes.
    Since the wavelength of radio waves is relatively large, according to the equation the aperture b must be large to get a good resolution; this is achieved by having a large dish-like receiver/by separating the receivers by large distances (VLA).
  6. Describe what is meant by the diffraction of light.
    Spreading out of light; beyond that predicted by the geometric pattern/by the obstacle shape.
  7. Explain the formation of a standing wave.
    Wave from source travels and is reflected at the boundary; incident and reflected waves interfere / superimpose to give a standing wave (that fits the boundary conditions).
  8. Describe what is meant by the Doppler effect
    The apparent change in frequency due to the relative motion of the observer and the source of a wave.
  9. Describe what is meant by polarization by reflection.
    Incident polarized light reflects of a boundary with a denser medium. This leaves the reflection off the surface being polarized in the same plane as the boundary between mediums due to all other planes being transmitted into the denser medium.
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