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  1. What type of FCS is installed
    4-axis dual-duplex
  2. What are the functions of the FCS (5)
    • Basic
    • Collective decoupling
    • Collective safety
    • Auto-trim
    • Flt & turn coord
  3. What are the modes of the FCS (4)
    • Primary
    • Upper
    • Flight director
    • SAR
  4. What is purpose of the Primary mode of the FCS
    Controls attitude
  5. What is the purpose of the upper modes of the FCS
    Controls primary flight parameters
  6. What is the purpose of the flight director modes of the FCS
    Controls the aircraft flight path
  7. What components make up the FCS
    • FCC x1
    • Linear actuators x6
    • trim actuators x4
    • resolvers x4
    • APMS x1
  8. Where is the FCC located
    Flight Control Computer is located in the baggage compartment
  9. What is the function of a resolver & how many are there
    • To determine by angular change the position of flight controls
    • 1 each in PRYC
  10. When the FCS is fully functioning in primary modes what lights will be visible on the
  11. What is the purpose of the FCC
    Provides flight control actuation through linear & trim actuators
  12. How many channels does the FCC have
    2 independent channels (1 & 2) each with 2 sections (A & B) =  dual duplex
  13. What does each section of an FCC channel contain
    • I/O board
    • CPU board
    • PSU
  14. How is flight control actuation effected
    • 2 x banks of 3 linear (series) actuators (PRY)
    • 4 x Trim (parallel) actuators (PRYC)
  15. Which actuators are installed in series, which in parallel
    • linear = series
    • trim = parallel
  16. Where are the linear actuators
    On the hydraulic servo
  17. What is a linear actuator composed of
    DC stepper motor, LCDT (for posn signal) & centring switch
  18. What is a trim actuator composed of
    • DC rotary motor
    • Electromagnetic clutch
    • Anchoring point for flt control artificial feel
    • Force override switch
  19. Which channel masters the trim actuators
    the first to be engaged
  20. How  are flight controls de-anchored from trim actuators
    Temporary: press FTR

    Permanent: press APMS panel TRIM switch C/Y &/or P/R off
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