APES Glossary Terms

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  1. "A" horizon
    usually top layer of soil; mix of organic and mineral material
  2. acid
    H+ ions, 0 - 7
  3. acid deposition
    acids deposited on Earth thru precipitation or as gases/particles that attach to surfaces of plants/soil/H2O
  4. acid precipitation (acid rain)
    high in sulfuric/nitric acid from reactions between SO2 and water vapor; NOX and water vapor
  5. active solar energy
    energy captured from sunlight w/ intermediate technologies
  6. acute study
    experiment that exposes organisms to an environmental hazard for a short duration
  7. adaptive management plan
    a flexible plan essentially
  8. adiabatic cooling
    cooling effect of reduced pressure on air as it rises higher in the atmosphere and expands
  9. adiabatic heating
    heating effect of increased pressure on air as it sinks toward the surface of Earth and decreases in volume
  10. age structure
    description of how many indiv fit into particular age groups
  11. agroforestry
    agri technique where trees/veggies are intercropped
  12. albedo
    % of incoming sunlight reflected from a surface
  13. alien species
    species living outside its historical range
  14. allopatric speciation
    process of speciation w/ geographic isolation
  15. anemia
    iron deficient
  16. aphotic zone
    layer of ocean that lacks sunlight for photosyn
  17. aquaculture
    farming aquatic org such as shell/fish and seaweed
  18. aqueduct
    canal/ditch used to carry water from one location to another
  19. aquifer
    permeable layer of rock/sediment that contains ground H2O
  20. artesian well
    well created by drilling a hole into a confined aquifer
  21. ash
    residual nonorg material that doesn't combust during incineration
  22. asthenosphere
    layer of Earth located in outer part of mantle, composed of semi-molten rock
  23. "B" horizon
    usually 2nd major soil horizon, primarily mineral material w/ little org matter
  24. background extinction rate
    avg rate which species become extinct over long term
  25. base saturation
    proportion of soil bases/soil acids, expressed in %
  26. becquerel (Bq)
    unit that measures rate where sample of radioact material decays; 1 Bq = decay of 1 atom or nucleus/second
  27. benthic zone
    muddy bottom of lake/pond/ocean
  28. bioaccumulation
    increased concentration of chemical w/in org over time
  29. biochemical oxygen demand (BOD)
    amt of O2 a quantity of H2O uses over period of time at specific temperatures
  30. biodiesel
    diesel sub produced by extracting and chemically altering oil from plants
  31. biome
    geographic region categorized by particular combo of avg annual temp/precip and distinctive plant growth forms on land and a particular combo of salinity, depth, and water flow in H2O
  32. biosphere
    region of our planet where life resides, combo of all ecosys
  33. bitumen
    degraded petroleum that forms when petroleum migrates to the surface of earth and is modified by bacteria; tar; pitch
  34. boreal forest
    forest primarily of coniferous that can tolerate cold winters and short growing seasons
  35. bottom ash
    residue collected at bottom of combustion chamber in furnace
  36. bycatch
    fish and other aquatic life things that you didn't mean to catch but did
  37. "C" horizon
    least weathered soil horizon, very similar to parent material
  38. capacity
    in ref to an elec-generating plant, the max elec  output
  39. capacity factor
    fraction of time a power plant operates in a year
  40. cap-and-trade
    an approach to controlling CO2 emissions where a cap places and upper limit on amt of pollutant that can be emitted and trade allows companies to buy/sell allowances for give amt of pollution
  41. carbon neutral
    activity that doesn't change atmospheric CO2 concentrations
  42. carbon offsets
    methods of promoting global CO2 reduction that don't involve direct reduction in amt of CO2 actually emitted by company
  43. carbon sequestration
    approach to stabilizing greenhouse gases by removing CO2 from atmos
  44. chemical rxn
    when atoms separate from molecules or recombine with other molecules
  45. chemical weathering
    breakdown of rocks/minerals by chemical reactions, the dissolving of chemical elements from rocks, or both
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