Italian Verbs

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  1. Aprire
    To open
  2. capire
    to understand
  3. dormire
    to sleep
  4. Finire
    to finish
  5. offrire
    to offer
  6. partire
    to leave
  7. preferire
    to prefer
  8. pulire
    to clean
  9. seguire
    to follow; to take (to class)
  10. sentire
    to feel; to hear
  11. servire
    to serve
  12. spedire
    to send
  13. Andare
    to go
  14. Dare
    to give
  15. fare
    to do;to make
  16. stare
    to stay; to be
  17. parlare
    to speek
  18. abitare
    to live; to reside
  19. arrivare
    to arrive
  20. aspettare
    to wait (for)
  21. cambiare
    to change
  22. cenare
    to have dinner
  23. cercare
    to look for
  24. chiamare
    to call
  25. (in)cominciare (a)
    to begin (to)
  26. comprare
    to buy
  27. desiderare
    to desire; to want
  28. dimenticare
    to forget
  29. frequentare
    to attend
  30. guidare
    to drive
  31. incontrare
    to meet with
  32. imparare
  33. lavorare
    to work
  34. mandare
    to send
  35. mangiare
    to eat
  36. pagare
    to pay
  37. pensare (a/di)
    to think (about/of)
  38. portare
    to bring; to wear
  39. practicare
    to practice
  40. ricordare
    to remember
  41. (ri)tornare
    to return
  42. spiegare
    to explain
  43. studiare
    to study
  44. telefonare (a)
    to telephone
  45. travore
    to find
  46. usare
    to use
  47. viaggiare
    to travel
  48. Avere
    to have
  49. leggere
    to read
  50. chiedere
    to ask (for)
  51. correre
    to run
  52. dipingere
    to paint
  53. mettere
    to put
  54. prendere
    to take
  55. ricevere
    to receive
  56. ripetere
    to repeat
  57. rispondere (a)
    to reply (to)
  58. scrivere
    to write
  59. spendere
    to spend (money)
  60. vedere
    to see
  61. vendere
    to sell
  62. vivere
    to live
  63. accendere
    to turn on
  64. cancellare
    to erase
  65. caricare
    to charge; to load
  66. cominciare
    to start; to begin
  67. comporre
    to dial; to compose
  68. funzionare
    to work; to funcion
  69. navigare in rete
    to surf the web
  70. registrare
    to record
  71. salvare
    to save
  72. scaricare
    to download
  73. spegnere
    to turn off
  74. stampare
    to print
  75. dovere
    to have to
  76. potere
    to be able to
  77. volere
    to want
  78. dire
    to say; to tell
  79. uscire
    to go out; to leave
  80. venire
    to come
  81. conoscere
    to know; to meet
  82. riconoscere
    to recognize
  83. reuscire
    to succeed; to manage
  84. sapere
    to know
  85. indossare
    to wear
  86. cusinare
    to cook
  87. cadere
    to fall
  88. costare
    to cost; to be worth
  89. diventare
    to become
  90. entrare
    to enter
  91. essare
    to be
  92. morire
    to die
  93. nascere
    to be born
  94. piacere
    to like
  95. restare
    to stay
  96. rimanere
    to remain; to stay
  97. salire
    to climb; to go up
  98. scendere
    to go down
  99. bere
    to drink2

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