Intro to PTA

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  1. A
    Assessment (SOAP), assist, assistive
  2. AAROM
    active assistive range of motion
  3. ADL
    activities of daily living
  4. AROM
    active range of motion
  5. b.i.d.
    two times per day
  6. b.i.w.
    twice per week
  7. CBS
    chronic brain syndrome
  8. CPM
    continuous passive motion
  9. CVA
    cerebral-vascular accident
  10. DI
    diabetes insipidus
  11. DJD
    degenerative joint disease
  12. DTR
    deep tendon reflex
  13. HNP
    herniated nucleus pulposa (herniated disk)
  14. HVGS
    high voltage galvanic stimulation
  15. LBP
    low back pain
  16. LOM
    loss of motion, limitation of motion
  17. MDS
    minimum data sheet
  18. med
  19. mod
  20. MS
    multiple sclerosis
  21. NAD
    no apparent distress
  22. NDT
    neuro-developmental training
  23. OBS
    organic brain syndrome
  24. ORIF
    open reduction internal fixation
  25. PAT
    paroxysmal atrial tachycardia
  26. PIP
    proximal interphalangeal (joint)
  27. PMH
    past medical history
  28. PNF
    proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation
  29. PTB
    patellar tendon bearing
  30. PVD
    peripheral vascular disease
  31. PWB
    partial weight bearing
  32. qid
    four times per day
  33. SACH
    solid ankle cushion heel
  34. SI
  35. SLB
    short leg brace
  36. SLP
    speech-language pathology
  37. s/w
    standard walker
  38. TDD
    telecommunication devices for the deaf
  39. TENS
    transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation
  40. TIA
    transient ischemic attack
  41. tid
    three times a day
  42. tiw
    three times per week
  43. TMJ
    tempero mandibular joint
  44. TPN
    total parental nutrition
  45. Txn

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