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    Pablo Picasso, Ma Jolie, 1911-12, Cubist
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    Henri Matisse. The Joy of Life, 1905, Fauvist
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    Vasily Kandinsky, Improvisation No. 28 1913, Abstract
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    Pablo Picasso, Les Demoiselles d’Avignon, 1907, Cubist
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    Kazimir Malevich, Suprematist Painting (8 Red Rectangle), 1915, Suprematism
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    Marcel Duchamp, Fountain, 1917 (first version), Dada/Avant-Garde
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    Piet Mondrian, Composition with Red, Blue, and Yellow, 1930, De Stijl
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    Meret Oppenheim, Luncheon in Fur, 1936, Surrealist
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    Jackson Pollock, Autumn Rhythm, 1950, Abstract Expressionism
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    Willem de Kooning, Woman I, 1950-52, Abstract Expressionism
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    Mark Rothko, Brown, Blue, Brown, on Blue, 1953, Abstract Expressionism
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    Jasper Johns, Target with Four Faces, 1955, Neo-Dada/Assemblage
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    Richard Hamilton, Just What Is It That Makes Today’s Homes So Different? So Appealing?, 1956, Pop
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    Andy Warhol, Marilyn Diptych, 1962, Pop
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    Claes Oldenburg, Lipstick (Ascending) on Caterpillar Tracks, 1969, 1974, Pop
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