Extra credit Pharm Exam 3

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  1. Floriquinolones are the most potent agents against
    • bacterial pathogens of the eye/ear.
    • **Krysta had CIPRO for ear infections
  2. common bacterial causes of conjuntivitis for neonates is gonococcal (how do you tx?)
    Eythromycin (eyes at birth for everyone!)
  3. adverse rxn to anti infections of the eye
    local irritation, burning, irritation, inflammation, super infections w/prolonged, repeated use, rare incidence of SJS w/sulfa
  4. If your eye is red and itchy, should you get anti-conjuctivitis meds?
    No need, mucus, difficult opening eye upon awakening, etc. for s/s
  5. Blephartis is
    inflammation of eyelash follicles
  6. Tx for belphartis
    • scrub eyelashes w/gentle shampoo
    • eyrthryocmycin ointment
    • Throw away eye makeup 
    • no contacts
  7. Hordeolum is stye caused by
    S. aureus
  8. How do you tx Hordeolelum
    • warm moist compress 4x/day for 15min
    • sulfacytomide 10% eye drops or erthrymomycin 5% until symptoms resolve then additional 2-3 days.
    • Usually spontaneously ruptures
  9. Viral conjunctivitis
    • •Caused by adenovirus, HSV, or herpes
    • zoster

    • •Sometimes treated with sulfacetamide
    • 10% eyedrops or
    • ointment 4 times daily to prevent secondary bacterial infection

    •Course is usually 12-15 days
  10. common SE of cessation of smoking meds are
    severe nightmares from nicotine patch
  11. Zyban (for smoking cessation) has black box for
    suicidal ideation
  12. cigarrette smoking induces CYP 1A2 so when people stop smoking they...
    gain weight
  13. Chantix is the only one you continue to smoke while taking (TRUE OR FALSE)
  14. Under 18yr, you should try ___ _____ first before other smoking cessation drugs
    non-pharmacologic measures first
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