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  1. according to the strength of weak ties theory, who would most likely be able to give you unique and useful information?
    your mothers friend from her job
  2. the use of communication cycles and/or recipes/rules for sensemaking occurs most clearly during what phase of Weick's model of organizing?
  3. joe is asked to now lead a company that has a bunch of new folks who are very tall and wear nice clothes, but who will need a great deal of direction at first.  which approach to leadership is most relevant here?
  4. which of the following is NOT true about transformational leaders as discussed in lecture?
    lead different followers differently
  5. which of the following is the best example of a rich, high interactivity and synchronous type of media?
    video chat
  6. Mary Jane sends a text message to her boyfriend Peter, "We need to talk."  media richness theory would suggest that:
    Peter is likely feeling uncertain due to the ambiguity of the message and leanness of the media
  7. in a culture, the language and word choices by members is itself most clearly an example of which layer of culture:
    • inner core
    • values
    • assumptions
  8. an american managing a team of chinese employees gave one member special recognition for exemplary performance.  a few weeks later, the team started performing poorly.  what best explains the performance problem
    individual vs collective orientation
  9. what theory of traditional media suggest that individual differences and social relationships influence the effect of media and an individuals response?
    limited effects model
  10. the spiral of silence would most likely apply to which of the following people. who would most likely be silenced
    an average white man with conservative views who perceives others in a community have very liberal views
  11. true about diffusion and adoption of innovation
    in critical mass theory the number of adopters rises rapidly once a critical mass is reached
  12. which network role might best link someone to the sort of weak ties described in "strength of weak ties theory"
  13. fiedler's contingency model of leadership suggests that most appropriate leadership style depends in part on which of these
    task structure
  14. which is associated with transformational views of leadership as described in class
    leaders as managers of meaning
  15. mike is watching a television show that depicts a character being rewarded for stealing a car.  what theory would predict that mike is now more likely engaged in similar behaior
    social cognitive theory
  16. differences in the use of implicit/indirect and explicit/direct messages most clearly states which cultural dimension
    high context-low context cultures
  17. in the actual talk of cultural members is found at which level of culture
    • values
    • assumptions
    • muted level
  18. which of the following would not encourage adoption of innovation?
    complex aspects of new technology
  19. according to the theory, all public goods have
    jointness of supply
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