Lit 8?

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  1. "Progress of Poesy"
    Thomas Gray
  2. Pindaric Odes
    Thomas Gray
  3. Mornings in Mexico
    D.H. Lawrence
  4. Angelic Avengers
    Karen Blixen
  5. Floyd Wells
    In Cold Blood
  6. Dolly Schiller
  7. The Town and the City
    Jack Kerouac
  8. moves to Alaska
  9. Antic Hay
    Aldous Huxley
  10. Autobiography of an Ex-Coloured Man
    James Johnson
  11. crescent-shaped peninsula
  12. Freedom or Death
    Nikos Kazantakis
  13. has a few stanzas dedicated to Daniel Boone
    Don Juan
  14. Mr. Bartlett
    A Room with a View
  15. an exchange of sweets occurs
    A Room with a View
  16. "The Hind and the Panther"
    John Dryden
  17. The Fixer
    Bernard Malamud
  18. "King of the Bingo Game"
    Ralph Ellison
  19. 200 sailor souls
    "Rime of the Ancient Mariner"
  20. Game of Fates
    Naguib Mahfouz
  21. Great Twitch
    All the King's Men
  22. Motor-Boat
    Their Eyes Were Watching God
  23. one character buys a streetlamp
    Their Eyes Were Watching God
  24. Richard Phillistone
    Jude the Obscure
  25. Paul Reisling
  26. Marmion
    Sir Walter Scott
  27. Grief Observed
    C.S. Lewis
  28. The Comedians
    Graham Greene
  29. The Ride Down Mt. Morgan
    Arthur Miller
  30. Lydia Carew
    Cashel Byron Profession
  31. Nina Leeds
    Strange Interlude
  32. Dynamo
    Eugene O'Neill
  33. East Wind: West Wind
    Pearl S. Buck
  34. Poetry and Democracy
    Robert Penn Warren
  35. The Duenna
    Richard Brinsley Sheridan
  36. Surfacing
    Margaret Atwood
  37. Rat-Wife
    • Little Eyolf
    • Henrik Ibsen
  38. Little Eyolf
    Henrik Ibsen
  39. Spanish Bayonet
    Stephen Vincent Benet
  40. American Names
    Stephen Vincent Benet
  41. "B. Wordsworth"
    V.S. Naipaul
  42. Celebration
    Harold Pinter
  43. The Grass Harp
    Truman Capote
  44. Saloman's House
    New Atlantis
  45. Ezra Mannon
    The Flies
  46. "I Dreamed My Genesis"
    Dylan Thomas
  47. Ital
  48. "Death Shall Have No Dominion"
    Dylan Thomas
  49. "The Violent Bear it Away"
    Flannery O'Connor
  50. Young Tarwater
    • "The Violent Bear it Away"
    • Flannery O'Connor
  51. Queen of the Ninth Heaven
    Outlaws of the Marsh
  52. Righteous Seven
    Outlaws of the Marsh
  53. All the Names
    Jose Saramago
  54. "Death with Interruptions"
    Jose Saramago
  55. Sister Dorothea
    The Tin Drum
  56. Rothschild's Violin
    Anton Chekhov
  57. Castle Rock
    Lord of the Flies
  58. Boston
    Upton Sinclair
  59. Major Callendar
    A Passage to India
  60. Cyril Fielding
    A Passage to India
  61. Rocket to the Moon
    Clifford Odets
  62. Starkfield
    Ethan Frome
  63. Herman Gow
    Ethan Frome
  64. Simon Rosedale
    House of Mirth
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