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  1. A lumbar puncture removes cerebral spinal fluid from
    The epidural space
  2. A fracture of the frontal process of the maxilla. Nasal bones and orbital floor would be classified as a(n)
    LeFort II
  3. The type of suture that loses tensile strength in 5 to 10 days is
    Surgical gut
  4. Which structure(s) are removed during a tonsillectomy?
    Palatine tonsils
  5. A burn that involves epidermis and part of the dermis is classified as
    Second degree
  6. The type of saw used for limb amputation is a(n)
    Oscillating saw
  7. Nearsightedness is
  8. Which connective tissue connects bone to bone?
  9. A patient suffering from prognathism has a(n)
    Projecting jaw
  10. Microtia can be corrected with which surgical procedure
  11. The spleen is located in the
    Left hypochondriac region
  12. The second phase of wound healing is
  13. Polygalactin 910 is
  14. Putti-Platt is a procedure to correct
    Recurrent anterior shoulder dislocation
  15. A mayo needle
    Is closed eyed
  16. The position for a patient undergoing excision of Zenker’s diverticulum will be
  17. The hormone that is present in as few as 10 days after conception is
    Human Chorionic Gonadotropin
  18. A common post operative complaint after laparoscopic procedures is
    Shoulder pain
  19. The patient position for a perineal prostatectomy is
    Exaggerated lithotomy
  20. The creation of a nasoantral window in the maxillary bone to remove diseased tissue an drain sinuses is a(n)
    Caldwell Luc
  21. Hair-like extensions responsible for movement of fluid around cells are
  22. The valve separating the right atrium and the right ventricle is the
  23. All of the following are factors influencing chemical disinfection EXCEPT
    Pounds of steam pressure (psi)
  24. The instrument not commonly found on a D&C set is
  25. Anectine is a(n)
    Depolarizing muscle relaxant
  26. PDS is a(n)
    Absorbable, synthetic monofilament suture
  27. Cheyne-stokes respiration is
    Irregular breathing due to apnea or hyperpena
  28. A contaminated case with an infection rate of 15% to 20% would be classified as
    Class III
  29. Which side of a sterile wrapper is opened first?
    The far side
  30. An example of a hinge joint is the
  31. A single robotic arm is used to
    Manipulate endoscopic telescopes
  32. In Robotics, Roll refers to
  33. Which statement is true about microinstrumentation?
    They have a dull finish
  34. The medication administered after eye surgery to rapidly constrict the pupil is
  35. Wertheim procedure with abdominoperineal resection is called
    Posterior exenteration
  36. According to Erickson’s developmental stages, trust versus mistrust occurs at
    0 -1 yrs
  37. A FESS is
    Sinus surgery
  38. Rhotons are used in
  39. Z-plasty may be performed to correct
    Dupuytren’s contracture
  40. A verruca is a(n)
  41. Scar tissue caused by fibrous collagen is
  42. Sterilization by ethylene oxide takes
    2-3 hours
  43. A metal or plastic device that holds a carpule of medication is a(n)
  44. A gunshot wound to the bowel would be closed with
    Third intention wound healing
  45. The temperature of a prevacuum sterilizer should be
    270 degrees
  46. Reglan is a(n)
  47. The series of fluid filled canals located in the temporal bone is the
    Osseous labyrinth
  48. Elevated white blood cell count is referred to as
  49. The loss of heat due to collisions of molecules at different temperatures is called
  50. The type of access port used for peritoneal dialysis is a(n)
  51. An example of a self-retaining scalp retractor is
  52. Which of the following is true about Avitene
    It is microfibrillar collagen
  53. The galea would most likely be closed with
    3-0 synthetic absorbable
  54. Suturing a patch to a bifurcation of an artery to increase the blood flow is called
  55. Which of the following is a rib instrument
  56. The muscle used to cross the legs is the
  57. Bishop-Harmon forceps would most likely be used in which surgical specialty
  58. The bone marking that is a depression is a(n)
  59. An example of oxidized cellulose is
  60. Which surgical position has the head tilted downward at 45 degrees
  61. Gastrointestinal anastomosis stapler (GIA) is a(n)
    Linear cutter
  62. The procedure to remove a kidney stone through a flank incision is
  63. Bowel serosa is usually approximated with
    Nonabsorbable interrupted suture
  64. The braided, coated polyester suture that is green or white and is contained in an orange packet is
  65. A Billroth II is a
  66. A thoracic specialty instrument is a(n)
  67. Penfields are instruments found in which surgical specialty
  68. During a kidney transplant, the renal vein is connected to the iliac vein with
    5-0 double armed prolene
  69. The method of prostatectomy with the patient in exaggerated lithotomy position is
  70. The muscle used to abduct the thigh is the
    Gluteus medius
  71. Activated glutaraldehyde is also called
  72. Virgin silk suture may be used in this surgical specialty
  73. The association that develops medical device standards is
    The association that develops medical device standards is
  74. A three lumen tube is for
    Aspiration, irrigation and escape of air
  75. What should be done before patient catheterization?
    Test balloon
  76. Which statement is true regarding lateral positioning?
    Lower leg is flexed
  77. The biologic test for EO sterilization involves
    Bacillus subtilis
  78. Distention during hysteroscope is commonly attained by
  79. The series of canals found in compact bone that allows blood vessels and nerves to enter is called the
    Haversian system
  80. The common bile duct joins the pancreatic duct at this anatomical structure
    Duct of Wirsung
  81. Intracranial aneurysms may be approached in all of the following ways EXCEPT
  82. The normal heat rate for infants is
    130 beats per minute
  83. Which of the following is not true about materials for gowns and drapes?
    Non-woven material should be laundered and sterilized after each procedure
  84. Glutaraldehyde requires an exposure time of _____ to achieve sterilization.
    10 hours
  85. The suture most likely to be used on slow healing wounds where there is a need for wound support is
  86. A total Abdominal Hysterectomy would remove which anatomical structure(s)
  87. If a surgical blade is broken during a procedure, how should the Surgical Technologist handle the count?
    The count should reflect all parts of the broken blade
  88. Gore-tex grafts are made of
  89. A benign cyst of the ovary containing contents from old blood is called a(n)
    Chocolate cyst
  90. During a Nissen Fundoplication, the fundus of the stomach is anchored against which anatomical structure?
  91. Which surgical procedure may be done while sitting?
    Carpal tunnel release
  92. The space between the cochlea and the semicircular canals of the inner ear is the
  93. The curette commonly used for endocervical scrapping is a(n)
  94. Failure of an organ to develop properly is called
  95. The chemical produced by a cell infected with viral particles that protects other cells is
  96. The suture line for inner layers of bowel mucosa is
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