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  1. Cisco Unity Connection provides 2 built-in reporting interfaces. Name them. (choose 2.)

    a. Cisco Unified Reporting

    b. Cisco Unity Connection Reporting

    c. Cisco Unity Connection Serviceability Reports Tool

    d. Cisco Unified Serviceability Reports Archive
    c  d 
  2. Which of the following is NOT a Cisco Unity Connection Serviceability Reports Tool report?

    a. Server Report

    b. Unused Voice Mail Accounts Report

    c. User Lockout Report

    d. Port Activity Report

    e. Users Report
  3. Which of the following are Cisco Unified Serviceability Reports Archive reports?  (choose 2)

    a. Mailbox Store Report

    b. Alert Report

    c. System Configuration Report

    d. Server Report

    e. Message Traffic Report
    b   d  
  4. What service must be activated in order to begin the collection of the Cisco Unified Serviceability Reports Archive report data?

    a. Cisco Serviceability Reporter

    b. Cisco UXL Web Service

    c. Cisco Reports Harvester

    d. Cisco Unity Connection Serviceability Harvester
  5. How many reports are available in the Cisco Unified Serviceability Reports Archive?

    a. 19

    b. 2

    c. 19 per day

    d. 2 per day of data collection
  6. You decide to increase the number of entries that can be held in the Audit Log.  Where can this be done?

    a. It cannot be done.

    b. It is done by saving old log files to a syslog server and removing them fromthe original log location.

    c. It is done in the Service Parameters config page.

    d. In CUC administration, navigate to System Settings > Advanced > Reports.
  7. Sue decides to start using the Serviceability Reports Archive.  She starts the correct service, waits until the next day, and opens the Alerts Report.  She is confused to discover that the report shows no alerts were generated the previous day.  What could be the issue?

    a. The service sometimes "sticks" and should be restarted.

    b. No alerts were generated.

    c. The Display Alert Threshold setting must be lowered to Critical or below.

    d. Sue must use the RTMT to see alerts.
  8. Bob says he wants to see the details of the alerts shown in the Alerts Report in the Serviceability Archives. What should you do?

    a. Open the RTMT for CUC, go to Alert Central, and right-click any alert to see the details.

    b. Open RTMT, go to the Server tab, and look for the alert list.

    c. Select teh Include Detail checkbox when generating the ALerts Report.

    d. Wait 30 seconds to make sure Bob is real, then download the Event Log fromthe CUCM server.
  9. The previous CUC administrator recently quit. You have been hired to take her place. You want to get a sense of how well-maintained the CUC server is. How can you find out if any accounts are still active but not in use?

    a. Run the Weekly Diagnostics Report.

    b. Run the Security Report.

    c. Run the Unused Voice Mail Accounts Report.

    d. Run the User Lockout Report.
  10. Several days a week, usually between 8 and 9 am, users complain of MWI problems. Some have new messages, but their lamp is not lit; others complain that their lamp is on, but there are no new messages. You suspect that the server is not making calls.  How can you quickly check whether or not this is the case?

    a. Run the Port Simulator utility and send a test message.

    b. Run the Port Status Monitor in the afternoon.

    c. Come in early on Thursday, and try leaving a message for a user to see if the lamp comes on.

    d. Run the Port Activity Report.
  11. How many reports can the Cisco Unity Connection Serviceability Reports app run?

    In the CUC Serviceability app,   Nav to Tools > Reports
  12. Discuss the Cisco Unified Serviceability: Serviceability Reports Archive. 
    You must access it through the Unified Serviceability web application.  (NOT CUC serviceability app.) 

    First activate the Cisco Serviceability Reporter service. 

    Note:  This is service processor intensive.

    Nav to Tools > Service Activation.  select Cisco Serviceability Reporter service and click Save. 
  13. Detail Analyzing Cisco Unity Connection Reports.
    In the WEB app, nav to Tools > Serviceability Reports Archive. 

    Select month, then specific date.

  14. How many reports are available in the WEB app for CUC reports archive.

    Alerts Report 

    Server Report

    Note:  If you see a bunch of alerts, you will want to use the RTMT to see the alert detail.  This is in Alert Central in the RTMT. 
  15. What are some reports that would help you to troubleshoot the CUC?
    • Phone int failed logon report
    • users report
    • port activity report
    • user lockout report
    • unused voicemail account reports
    • mailbox store report

    (see page 442-443)
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