Home Economics - Meal Planning

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  1. List six factors that affect meal planning
    1. Dietary restrictions eg. coeliac

    2. Meals must have alot of different nutrients

    3. Time available to shop and cook

    4. Money and equipment available

    5. Climate and availability of food

    6. Ability of the cook
  2. What are the two main types of menu?
    1. Table d'hote is a set price menu usually cheaper than the a la carte menu

    2. A la carte is a menu that has each item priced separately and there are lots to choose from for each course
  3. List four rules that should be followed when shopping for food
    1. Shop for food only once a week

    2. Make a shopping list and stick to it

    3. Buy food in a clean shop

    4. Check use by date
  4. How would you garnish soup?

    Swirl of cream

  5. How would you garnish fish?
    Lemon wedges
  6. How would you garnish lamb?
    Mint sauce
  7. How would you garnish turkey?
    Cranberry sauce
  8. How would you garnish beef?
    Horseradish sauce
  9. How would you garnish pork?
    Apple sauce
  10. How would you garnish duck?
    Orange sauce
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