Home Economics - Cooking Food

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  1. Give three reasons why food is cooked
    1. To kill bacteria

    2. To make it easier to chew and digest

    3. To improve the colour and flavour of the food
  2. List seven effects of cooking on food
    1. Protein coagulates (sets)

    2. Flavours develop

    3. Starch absorbs water and swells

    4. Food goes soft

    5. There is a loss of Vitamin B and C

    6. Fat melts

    7. Food loses water and shrinks
  3. Name thre three methods of heat transfer used in cookery
    1. Conduction eg. frying

    2. Convection eg. boiling and baking

    3. Radiation eg. grilling
  4. Name six moist cooking methods
    1. Boiling

    2. Stewing

    3. Casseroling

    4. Poaching

    5. Steaming

    6. Pressure cooking
  5. Name two dry cooking methods
    1. Grilling

    2. Baking
  6. Name two cooking methods that use fat
    1. Frying

    2. Roasting
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Cooking Food
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