Home Economics - Cereals

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  1. List six different cereals
    1. Wheat eg. Weetabix

    2. Rice eg. Rice Krispies

    3. Mazie eg. Cornflakes

    4. Oats eg. Porridge

    5. Rye eg. Ryvita

    6. Barley eg. Beer and Whiskey
  2. Outline the nutritional value of cereals
    1. It is high in carbohydrate which gives us heat and energy

    2. It has fibre which helps our digestive system and prevents constipation and colon cancer

    3. It has low biological value protein which is good for growth and repair

    4. It has a small amount of fat which is good for a person with coronary heart disease

    5. It has calcium which helps us have strong bones and teeth

    6. It has iron which helps us have healthy blood and prevent anaemia

    7. It has some Vitamin B which gives us a healthy nervous system
  3. List the effects of cooking on cereals
    1. Starch grains swell and burst eg. popcorn

    2. Starch grains absrob liquid eg. rice

    3. Starch becomes more digestible eg. raw and cooked potato
  4. List different types of flour
    1. Self raising flour

    2. Cream flour

    3. Wholemeal flour

    4. Brown flour

    5. Strong flour
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