Med term unit 15

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  1. adrenocorticotropic hormone
  2. American Optometric Association
  3. certified ophthalmic assistant
  4. certified ophthalmic medical technologist
  5. certified ophthalmic technician
  6. diopter
    d, D
  7. emergency medical technician
  8. EMT-paramedic
  9. ear, nose, throat
  10. extraocular movement intact
  11. follicle-stimulating hormone
  12. fracture
  13. human chorionic gonadotropin
  14. internal jugular view
  15. light and accommodation
  16. light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation
  17. milligram
  18. millimeter
  19. magnetic resonance imaging
  20. open-angle glaucoma
  21. obstetrician, obstetrics
  22. OD
    doctor of optometry
  23. pupils equal, round, reactive to light and accommodation
  24. triiodothyronine, tetraiodothyronine (thyroid function tests)
    T3, T4
  25. transient ischemic attack
  26. thyroid-stimulating hormone
  27. abrasion
  28. adrenergic
    activated by epinephrine
  29. adrenocorticoid
    hormone manufactured in the adrenal cortex
  30. adrenolysis
    destruction of the adrenal glands
  31. adrenomegaly
    enlarged adrenal glands
  32. ambiopia
    separate images from each eye
  33. alopecia
  34. ambivalence
    unable to decide, wavering on both sides
  35. anisocoria
    pupils of unequal size
  36. blepharedema
    swelling of the eyelid
  37. blepharoplasty
    plastic surgery of the eyelid
  38. blepharoptosis
    prolapse of the upper eyelid
  39. blepharorrhaphy
    suturing of the eyelid
  40. blepharospasm
    twitching eyelid
  41. cataract
    opacity on the lens
  42. chloropia
    seeing green
  43. contusion
  44. corectasia
    dilation of the pupil
  45. corectopia
    displace pupil
  46. corelysis
    destruction of the pupil
  47. coreometer
    instrument used to measure pupil size
  48. coreoplasty
    plastic surgery of the pupil
  49. corneitis
    inflammation of the cornea
  50. corneoiritis
    inflammation of the cornea and the iris
  51. corneoscleral
    pertaining to the cornea and the sclera
  52. cyclokeratitis
    inflammation of the ciliary body and the cornea
  53. cycloplegia
    paralysis of the ciliary body
  54. cytophagy
    destruction of other cells by phagocytes
  55. dacryoadenalgia
    pain in the tear gland
  56. dacryocystitis
    inflammation of the tear sac
  57. dacryocystocele
    herniation of a tear sac
  58. dacryocystoptosis
    prolapse of the tear sac
  59. dacryocystotome
    instrument for incision of a tear sac
  60. dacryolith
    calculus in the tear duct or sac
  61. dacryoma
    tumor of the lacrimal tissue
  62. dacryopyorrhea
    discharge of pus from the tear gland
  63. degeneration
    breakdown due to aging
  64. diabetes
    disease characterized by hyperglycemia and lack of insulin
  65. diascope
    a glass plate used to look through to examine the skin
  66. diopter
    measurement unit of refraction
  67. diplopia
    double vision
  68. edema
  69. endocrine
    glands that secrete hormones
  70. endocrinologist
    specialist in the study and treatment of disorders of the endocrine system
  71. epinephrine
    hormone produced by the adrenal medula
  72. erythropia
    seeing red
  73. esotropia
    condition in which the eyes point inward
  74. estrogen
    female hormone
  75. euphoria
    feeling good
  76. evulsion
    a tearing away
  77. exotropia
    condition in which the eyes point outward
  78. fracture
  79. glaucoma
    condition in which the intraocular aqueous humor pressure is high
  80. hormones
    substances secreted by endocrine glands that affect body processes
  81. hyperglycemia
    high blood sugar
  82. hyperopia
  83. hypertropia
    condition in which the eyes point upward
  84. hyperthyroidism
    overactive thyroid condition
  85. hypotropia
    condition in which the eyes point downward
  86. hypothyroidism
    underactive thyroid condition
  87. insulin
    pancreatic protein hormone
  88. iridalgia
    iris pain
  89. iridectomy
    excision of the iris
  90. iridocele
    herniation of the iris
  91. iridomalacia
    softening of the iris
  92. iridoplegia
    paralysis of the iris
  93. iridoptosis
    prolapse of the iris
  94. iridorrhexis
    rupture of the iris
  95. keratectasia
    protrusion of a thin scarred cornea
  96. keratorrhexis
    rupture of the cornea
  97. keratoscleritis
    inflammation of the cornea and sclera
  98. keratotomy
    incision into the cornea
  99. laceration
    a cut
  100. lacrimal
    pertaining to tearing
  101. lacrimation
  102. macrophage
    large phagocyte
  103. macular
    pertaining to the macula of the eye
  104. microphage
    small phagocyte
  105. myopia
  106. nasolacrimal
    pertaining to the nasal passages and the tear ducts
  107. onychocryptosis
    ingrown nail
  108. onychoid
    resembling a nail
  109. onychoma
    nail tumor
  110. onychomalacia
    softening of the nails
  111. onychomycosis
    fungus infection of the nail
  112. onychophagia
    nail biting
  113. ophthalmalgia
    eye pain
  114. ophthalmic
    pertaining to the eye
  115. ophthalmocele
    herniation of the eye
  116. ophthalmologist
    physician specialist in treatment of eye disease
  117. ophthalmometer
    instrument used to measure the eye
  118. ophthalmopathy
    any eye disease
  119. ophthalmoplasty
    surgical repair of the eye
  120. ophthalmoplegia
    ocular muscle paralysis
  121. ophthalmoscope
    instrument used to examine the interior of the eye
  122. ophthalmoscopy
    process of using an ophthalmoscope
  123. optic
    pertaining to vision
  124. optometrist
    specialist in assessing and treating visual acuity problems and other eye diseases
  125. optometry
    the measurement of vision and the practice performed by the optometrist
  126. paronychia
    condition of infection around a nail
  127. phacocele
    protrusion of the lens of the eye
  128. phacoemulsification
    procedure to disintegrate the lens for insertion of lens implant
  129. phagocyte
    cell that eats cells
  130. phorometer
    instrument used to measure ocular muscle movement
  131. phoropter
    instrument used to measure prescription strength for lenses
  132. presbyopia
    old eye, loss of accomodation
  133. puncture
    to make a hole
  134. retinal
    pertaining to the retina
  135. retinitis
    inflammation of the retina
  136. retinopexy
    fixation of a detached retina
  137. retinoscope
    instrument used to look at the retina
  138. sclerectomy
    excision of the sclera
  139. sclerostomy
    make an opening in the sclera
  140. steroid
    lipid bioregulator hormone
  141. strabismus
    malposition of the eye
  142. suprarenal
    upon the kidney, refers to the adrenal glands
  143. testosterone
    hormone produced in the testes
  144. thyroidectomy
    excision of the thyroid
  145. thyroxine
    thyroid hormone
  146. traumatology
    the study of wound treatment
  147. trichoglossia
    condition of hair growth on the tongue
  148. trichoid
    resembling hair
  149. trichopathy
    any hair disease
  150. trichophagia
    condition in which the person bites on or eats hair
  151. trichophobia
    fear of hair growth or touching hair
  152. uremia
    urine products in the blood
  153. xanthopia
    see yellow
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