Vocabulary 14

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  1. Ars
    artis gen. pl. artium- f -skill

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  2. Deverto
    Devertere, Deverti, Deversus- turn aside

    Hint- Divert
  3. Celerrime
    adv.-very fast, very quickly

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  4. Placide
    adv.- gently, peacefully 

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  5. Accidit
    accidere, accidit- (it) happens
  6. Moveo
    • movere, movi, motus- to move
    • Hint- move
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  7. Frustra
    adv.- in vain
  8. Cesso
    cessare, cessavi, cassatus- to be ible, do nothing, delay

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  9. Gaudeo
    gaudere, gavisus sum-rejoice

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  10. Cunctus
    cuncta, cunctum- all
  11. Ago
    agere, egi, actus- to do, drive

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  12. Periculum
    periculi -N- danger

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  13. Noster
    nostra, nostrum- our
  14. Interpello
    • interpellare, interpellavi, interpellatus- to interrupt
    • Hint- interrupt
  15. Culpa
    Culpae -f- fault, blame

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  16. Extraho
    extrahere, extraxi,extractus -drag, take out 
  17. Incolumis
    incolumis, incolume- unhurt, safe and sound

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  18. Concido
    concidere,concidi- to fall down

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  19. Qui
    quae, quod-who, which, what
  20. Haereo
    haerere, haesi, haesurus- to stick

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  21. Commotus
    commota, commotum, moved
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