Geo 143: Marx and Engles on consequences of population growth

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  1. Which aspect of Malthus’s theory did Marx and Engle challenge?
    -Challenge Malthusian argument that population growth is the cause of poverty. -They believe that poverty is not a result of people having too many children but poverty is a result of unequal distribution amongst the population.
  2. What alternative explanation do they provide for the causes of poverty?
    • 1. Poverty is caused by the unequal distribution of resources under the capitalist system
    • 2. Capitalist system perpetuates poverty because it perpetuates inequality.
    • 3. More just social and economic system that distributes resources and wealth more equally should be able to cope with any increase in population.
  3. What empirical evidence exists that supports/contradicts Marx arguments?
    Food production due to the green revolution has grown more quickly than Malthus has predicted.
  4. What are the policy implications of Marx's and Engels' theory?
    • -Policies to reduce poverty than population, to reduce inequality.
    • -Redistribution of land, wealth social safety net.
    • -Try and fight poverty,
    • -Marx and Engles thought the solution was communism. Communism didn't redistributed resources equally as they have imagined.
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