Geo 143: Neomathusians on consequences of population growth

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  1. What are the arguments of Neomalthusian population economists?
    • -High fertility and population growth have a negative impact on economic development
    • -inhibit growth of per capita income by lowering the amount of investment per worker
  2. What are the arguments of Neomalthusian Limits to Growth thinkers?
    • -Negative impact of population growth on economic development and world's resources and environment.
    • -The only difference is that population economists are only concerned as to how population affects the economy.
    • -Limits to growth thinkers not only think about the economy but also the environment.
  3. In which way do Neomalthusians differ from Malthus?
    • -Population growth not only causes food problems but environmental problems too
    • -They support all forms of birth control methods including abortion
  4. What empirical evidence exists that supports/contradicts Neomalthusian theories?
    • -Support: natural resources exhausted and world economy collapse, and population plummet.
    • -Contradict: huge accumulation of wealth in 20th century despite massive population growth
  5. What are the policy implications of Neomalthusian theory?
    -Strong population control in developing countries through family planning and birth control measures.
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