The Burning Town

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  1. carbon monoxide (KAHR-buhn muh-NOK-sahyd)
    • noun; an invisible, odorless, poisonous gas produced when fossil fuels, such as gasoline, coal, or wood, do not burn properly. If allowed to build up in enclosed spaces, carbon monoxide can be dangerous and even fatal to humans and animals.
    • example: As a safety precaution, Mom installed a carbon monoxide detector in the basement.
  2. claustrophobia (klaw-struh-FOH-bee-uh)
    • noun; the fear of being in small, enclosed places
    • example: Given Sheryl’s severe claustrophobia, it’s unlikely she’ll want to explore the caves with us.
  3. douse (dowss)
    • to throw water or other liquid on; to drench; 2. to extinguish (a fire or light)
    • example 1: My little brother thought it would be funny to douse me—and my brand-new dress— with water from the hose.
    • example 2: Susan reminded her fellow hikers to douse the fire before leaving the campsite.
  4. fateful (FEYT-fuhl)
    • having a very important and often negative effect on the future
    • example: I’ll never forget that fateful day when I got on the class bully’s bad side.
  5. mandatory (MAN-duh-tohr-ee)
    • required by rules or law
    • example: Coach Jackson made it clear that wearing a helmet is mandatory during football practice.
  6. permeate (PUR-mee-eyt)
    • to spread throughout or pass through something
    • example: The delicious smell of freshly baked cinnamon buns permeated the bakery.
  7. submerge (suhb-MURJ)
    • to sink or plunge beneath the surface of water or another liquid
    • example: I scrambled to retrieve my dropped cell phone, but it was already submerged in the pool.
  8. vapor (VEY-per)
    • a gas, mist, steam, or fog formed from something that is usually liquid or solid at room temperature
    • example: Clouds are made up of condensed water vapor.
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