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  1. A cottage cheesy, yeasty smelling vaginal discharge indicates what infetion?
    Candidiasis Vulvovaginitis
  2. What group of people are most susceptible to Vulvovaginalis?
    • Women with:
    • Diabetes
    • Pregnancy
    • Antibiotic use
    • Sexual activity
  3. What is the treatment for Candidiasis Vulvovaginitis?
    • Vaginal creams and suppositories of:
    • Micronaxole
    • Clotrimazole
  4. What is common after treatment for Candidiasis Vulvovaginalis?
    Common relapses
  5. Describe the pathology of disseminated Candidiasis:
    Yeast invades the deep tissues of the lung, kidneys and brain
  6. What group is most susceptible to disseminated Candidiasis?
    Severely compromised
  7. What type of Candidiasis has a 40-60% mortality rate?
    Blood borne
  8. What is the mortality rate of blood borne disseminated Candidiasis?
  9. What is the treatment for Disseminated Candidiasis?
    • Ambrotericin B + or - 5-flucytosine
    • High dose of azoles
    • echinocandins
  10. What disease is treated by Ampotericin B with or without 5-flucytosine, high doses of azoles or echinocandins?
    Disseminated Candidiasis
  11. What causes Aspergillosis?
    Over 150 species of Aspergillus
  12. What disease do many species of Aspergillus cause?
  13. Where is Aspergillus found?
    Ubiquitous in the soil and plants
  14. Where geologically is aspergillus found?
  15. What is the contact rate for aspergillus?
    • Frequent
    • Though does not usually cause disease
  16. How often does Aspergillus cause disease?
  17. How do you acquire aspergillus infections?
    Inhalation of spores
  18. What is the prerequisite for Aspergillus infection?
    Profound immunosuppression
  19. What groups get aspergillus infections?
    • Farmers and Gardeners with underlying immunosuppressive disease
    • Cancer patients
    • Transplant patients
    • Chemotherapy users
    • Steroid users
    • Low neutrophil counts
  20. What percent of patients with Aspergillus infections either are on steroids or chemotherapy?
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