MIC 541-Exam 5-Parisitology 1

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  1. What is a parasite?
    • Organism that lives in or on a host deriving nutrients from it at the host's expense
    • Usually does not kill the host
  2. What type of organisms do parasites infect?
    All types
  3. What groups does the broad definition of parasites include?
    • Viruses
    • Bacteria
    • Fungi
    • Protozoa
    • Metazoa
  4. What groups does the historical definition of parasites include?
    • Protozoa
    • Chromista
    • Microspora
    • Anamalia
  5. What is medical parisitology?
    Parasites that cause human and animal diseases
  6. During a lifecycle of a parasite, what often changes?
    • The host
    • The morphological stage
  7. Larval stages and adult stages differ in what ways?
    • Physical form
    • Hosts
  8. What is a vector?
    An animal that carries a parasite to a host
  9. What is the term for an animal that carries a parasite to a host?
    A vector
  10. what is a parasite life cycle?
    The changes involved in a parasite as its develops from immature to adult
  11. What is an endoparasite?
    Lives inside the host
  12. What is an ectoparasite?
    Lives on the outside of the host
  13. What is a parasitic infection?
    Invasion of endoparasite
  14. What is an invasion of an endoparasite calle?
    Parasitic infection
  15. What is a Parasitic infestation?
    External parasitism
  16. What is the for an assault of external parasitism?
    Parasitic invasion
  17. what is zoonosis?
    An animal disease that can be transmitted to humans
  18. What is an animal disease that can be transmitted to humans?
  19. what is the medical significance of parasites?
    • Billions infected per year
    • Huge amount of suffering and death
  20. What parasites have the top 3 highest incidence of infection globally?
    • 1.) Ascaris
    • 2.) Hookworms
    • 3.) Whipworms
  21. How was the Milwaukee outbreak of Cryptosporidium transmitted?
    Through public water
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