MIC 541-Exam 5-Parisitology 2

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  1. What are the general characteristics of parasitic diseases?
    • Chronic
    • Vector-borne
    • Affect the young
    • Affect t the underprivileged
    • No vaccine or chemotherapy
  2. What treatments are not available for parasites in general?
    • Vaccines
    • Chemotherapy
  3. What groups are generally most effected by Parasites?
    • Underprivileged
    • Young
  4. How are most parasites spread?
    Through vectors
  5. What are the three required keys for parasitic disease to enter a community?
    • Source (carriers of some sort)
    • Route of transmission
    • Susceptible host
  6. What are the systems for preventing parasites?
    • Reduction of sources
    • Education
    • Destruction/Control of vector and hosts
  7. What parasite is a Class 1 carcinogen in Thailand?
    Opisthorchis viverrini
  8. What disease can be caused by Opisthorchis viverrini?
    Liver Cancer
  9. Where is Opisthorchis viverrini found?
    Raw Freshwater Fish
  10. Can you get Opisthirchis viverrini from ocean sushi?
    No, it is only found in freshwater fish
  11. What are the three general groups of parasites?
    • Protozoans
    • Helminths
    • Arthropods
  12. What parasitic groups are in protozoans?
    • Amebas
    • Apicomplexans
    • Flagellates
  13. What general group includes amebas, flagellates and apicomplexans?
  14. Describe the features of Protozoans?
    • Microscopic single celled organisms
    • Most are motile during some stage
    • Nutrients by engulfing food in vacuoles
    • Most form resistant cysts to live in environment
  15. What type of parasites are Arthropods?
  16. What are Helminths?
  17. What parasitic groups are included in Helminths?
    • Nematodes
    • Cestodes
    • Trematodes
  18. Nematodes, Trematodes and Cestodes all belong to what parasitic group?
  19. What is a Trophozoite?
    • Any stage in a protozoan's life where they can ingest food
    • Also motile stage
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