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  1. What are the symptoms of a Giardia lamblia infection?
    • 1/2-2/3 = asymptomatic
    • malabsorption, gas, abdominal cramps
    • Explosive smelly greasy diarrhea
    • burping and flatulence
  2. What treatment is used for Giardia lamblia?
    • Usually none = self-resolving in 2-6 weeks
    • Children = metronidazole and furazolidine
  3. What would you treat children with metronidazole and furazolidine for?
    Giardia lamblia
  4. Does Trichomonas vaginalis form cysts?
  5. Where is Trichamonas vaginalis found?
    • Humans only
  6. How is Trichomonas vaginalis transmitted?
    Only by sexual contact
  7. What form is Trichomonas vaginalis found in?
    Trophozoite only
  8. What is the lifetime incidence of females acquiring Trichomonas vaginalis?
  9. What is the lifetime incidence of males acquiring Trichomonas vaginalis?
  10. What are the symptoms of Trichomonas vaginalis in women?
    • itching
    • burning
    • like-bladder infection
    • disagreeable odor
  11. What secondary problems may Trichomonas vaginalis cause in women?
    • Premature birth
    • HIV susceptibilty
  12. What parasite can cause premature birth and HIV susceptibility in women?
    Trichomonas vaginalis
  13. What are the symptoms of Trichomonas vaginalis in men?
    • Usually asymptomatic
    • May have urination pain or discharge
  14. What is the treatment for Trichomonas vaginalis?
  15. What type of parasite is Trichomonas vaginalis?
  16. What are the characteristics of Blood and tissue Flagellates?
    • Require insect vector
    • No direct person to person transmission
  17. What examples were given for Blood tissue flagellates?
    • Trypanosoma brucei
    • Trypanosoma cruzi
  18. What type of parasites are Trypanosoma cruzi and brucei?
    Protozoa-Flagellates-Blood Tissue Flagellates
  19. What does Trypanosoma brucei cause?
    African trypanosomiasis/African Sleeping sickness
  20. What is African Trypanosmiasis?
    African Sleeping sickness
  21. What is the term for African sleeping sickness?
    African trypanosomiasis
  22. How is Trypanosoma brucei transmitted?
    tsetse fly (blood sucking)

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