MIC 541-Exam 5-Parisitology 6

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  1. What geographical areas is Trypanosoma brucei found in?
    Central Africa only
  2. What is the pathogenesis of T. brucei?
    • Multiplies at the wound
    • Travels through the blood
    • Enters the CNS
  3. Where does T. brucei multiply at?
    The wound
  4. Describe the symptoms of African Sleeping sickness:
    • Progressive nervous system disorder
    • Recurrent fever
    • Tender lymph nodes
    • headache
    • impaired thinking/behavior/brain activity
    • Tremors, seizures, paralysis, coma
  5. If untreated, what is the outcome of T. brucei infections?
    100% fatal
  6. What does trypasnosoma cruzi cause?
    Chagas' Disease/American trypanosomiasis
  7. What causes Chagas' Disease/American Trypanosomiasis?
    Trypanosoma cruzi
  8. What is the infection rate of Trypanosoma cruzi in south and central america?
    15-20 million
  9. What is the death rate due to Trypanosoma cruzi every year?
    50,000, mostly children
  10. How many people are infected with Trypanosoma cruzi right now in the U.S.?
  11. How is Trypanosoma cruzi transmitted?
    Reduviid bug (kissing big)
  12. What disease is transmitted by the kissing bug/Reduviid bug?
    American Trypanosomiasis or Chagas' Disease
  13. When and Where on the body are most people bitten by the kissing bug?
    • Night
    • Around the mouth and face
  14. Describe the chronic phase of Chagas' disease?
    Immunity to re-infection but parasite is not eliminated
  15. What percent of Chronic Chagas' infections are asymptomatic?
  16. What percent of Chronic Chagas' infections lead to cardiomyopathy?
  17. What percent of Chronic Chagas' infections lead to Megaesophogus?
  18. What percent of Chronic Chagas' infections lead to Megacolon?
  19. What are the potential outcomes of Chronic Chagas' infections?
    • Asymptomatic
    • Cardiomyopathy
    • Megacolon
    • Megaesophogus
  20. What area of the body does Trypanosoma cruzi not enter?
    Nervous tissue
  21. What percent of untreated Trypanosoma cruzi patients die?
  22. What is the general outcome of Chagas' Disease?
    Widespread tissue and heart damage
  23. What is the treatment for Trypanosoma cruzi infection?
    • Nifurtimox
    • Allopurinol
    • Benznidazole
  24. What would you treat with Benznidazole, Allopurinol or Nifurtimox?
    Trypanosoma cruzi
  25. What group usually develops chronic heart issue with Chagas'?
    Children, heart failure 20 years later
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