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  1. The Church of God stands for the _____ rightly divided.
    Whole bible
  2. The _____ is the only rule for government and discipline in the COG.
    New Testament
  3. The ____ remains the COG's mandate from Christ.
    Great commision
  4. The mission of the CoG is to communicate the power of Jesus Christ in the ____of Pentecost.
    Spirit and power
  5. The COG is a ____ body.
  6. A local church ____ withdraw from the International general assembly.
  7. The official name of the church is _____.
    Church of God
  8. The membership of the COG is composed of Christians who have accepted the ____of the church of God
    Teachings, doctrines, and government
  9. The international _____is composed of all members and ministers of the Church of God 16 years of age and above.
    General assembly
  10. The purpose of the international general assembly is to advance the ____ of the church of God.
    Mission, vision, and commitments
  11. The international general assembly meets ____.
  12. ____serves as the official guide for the business of the international general assembly.
    Robert's rules of order, newly revised
  13. The international general assembly elects the _____.
    General overseer, the assistant general overseers, Secretary General, director of youth and discipleship, assistant director of youth and discipleship, director of world missions, assistant director of world missions.

    and discipleship,
  14. The officers of the international general assembly consist of the ____ and a secretary.
  15. The ____serves the international general assembly as secretary.
    Secretary general
  16. The international general council is composed of all ____of the church of God.
    Ordained bishops
  17. The international ___shall elect the council of 18.
    General council
  18. The general overseer, his assistants, the Secretary General, and _____ shall constitute the international executive council.
    Council of 18
  19. Standing boards are appointed by the _____.
    International executive committee
  20. The international general assembly grants to its _____the same voice that it affords all credentialed ministers in the international general assembly.
  21. ____are approved to sit in the international general council.
    Ordained ministers, exhorters, and laity
  22. The international general council meets _____to consider recommendations that are to be presented to the international general assembly.
  23. The largest group that comprises the international executive council is ____.
  24. A member of the council of eighteen is eligible to succeed himself for ____ term(s).
  25. The distribution of tithes sent to the international offices is the responsibility of the ____.
    General overseer, and the international executive committee
  26. State and provincial overseers are appointed by the____.
    International executive commiter
  27. After an international executive committee member has served eight years, he is ineligible to serve in that role for ____ years (s).
  28. The general overseer will be elected for a ____ year term
  29. The assistant general overseer are elected for a ____ year term.
  30. Furnishing the international general assembly with financial reports is a primary responsibility of the ___.
    Secretary general
  31. The director of youth and discipleship will be able to succeed himself ____ term.
  32. The ____ develops and sets forth the policy of the world missions ministry and its operation.
    World missions board
  33. The ____ determines the eligibility of prospective missionaries.
    World missions board
  34. The ____ provides diverse involvement in order to support an international perspective in fulfilling the mission of the church of God.
    International council
  35. The ____ advises the international executive committee on issues of international concern.
    International council
  36. The ____ recommends prospective missionaries to the director of world missions.
    Assistant director of world missions
  37. A qualification of a ____is his ability to oversee people as well as programs.
    State overseer
  38. As part of his accountability, a ___is to be a model by demonstrative, Christ like attributes in his lifestyle and administration.
    State overseer
  39. The state overseers term of office shall be for ____ years.
  40. The tenure of offices for the state overseer is for a maximum of ____ years in nonmission states
  41. The state overseer appoints ____ when necessary.
    District overseer, pastors, and local church officers
  42. The state overseer approves the selection, purchase, and construction of all church, parsonage, or Sunday school properties together with the respective ______.
    District overseer
  43. Before launching large financial projects, the state overseer must have the approval of the ____.
    International executive committee
  44. The state overseer with the ____,may authorize exhorters to pastor,baptize, and receive members into the church, when such authority is necessary.
    District overseer
  45. Except in national, territorial, provincial, or mission states, all state councilman must be____.
    Ordained bishops
  46. With the state overseer, the ____ has supervision of the state missions money, surplus tithes, state parsonage, campground, and all other funds received and disbursed by the state treasury.
    State council
  47. Each state will have a ____.
    State board of ministerial development, state youth and discipleship board, state world missions board, and a state music board.
  48. The ____ are appointed biennially by the state overseer.
    State board of ministerial development, state world missions board, and state music board
  49. The state board of ministerial development is appointed by the state overseer and approved by the ____.
    State council
  50. The ____ helps stimulate and nurture continuing education programs at all levels.
    State board of ministerial development
  51. The _____ is elected by the ministers of the state.
    State youth and discipleship board
  52. The state youth and discipleship director is nominated by the ____.
    State overseer
  53. The state youth and discipleship director is elected by the _____.
    State council
  54. The state overseer will submit to the _____the names if nominees for state evangelism and missions director.
    State council
  55. The state evangelism and missions directors term of office is two years, with a maximum of ____consecutive years in a non mission state.
  56. The ____provides leadership and guidance in the establishing of new churches.
    State evangelism and missions director
  57. Evangelistic associations or other organizations of this type cannot be organized in the COG without the express approval of the ____.
    International executive council
  58. Each district is under the care and supervision if a ____, who is appointed by the state overseer.
    District overseer
  59. The district overseer sees that a(an) _____is put forth in his district during the year.
    Evangelistic thrust
  60. The _____, with the district overseer, may appoint an assistant to serve as the youth and discipleship director for the district.
    State youth and discipleship director
  61. The _____ serves as the church of God state women's ministries president.
    Wife of the state overseer
  62. The COG has a ____ form of government.
  63. The ____, the highest authority of the COG governs the ownership of all chur h property.
    International general assembly
  64. The international general assembly governs the operation of the COG at the _____levels.
    International, national, state/territorial, district and local.
  65. A _____holds title to, manages and controls at the direction of the local church, all real estate owned by the local congregation.
    Local board of trustees
  66. The COG affirms the scriptural pattern of ____ and deacons.
  67. A members name should remain on the membership roll until an ____ for transfer is received.
    Official request
  68. A request for transfer of membership should be granted within ____, providing no charges are pending.
    Two weeks
  69. When making formal changes against a member is necessary, the charges are to be given to the member not less than _____prior to the time and place of the meeting.
    Three days
  70. A ____ is a business meeting for the purpose of transacting any business necessary for the operation of the church.
    Church conference
  71. No ____ has the right to hold a conference without permission from the district overseer.
  72. No conference will be held in a district except under the direction of the ____.
    District overseer
  73. The state and district overseers should see that at least ____ conference (s) is/are conducted in each local church.
  74. The regular conference consists of the _____.
  75. The purpose of a church conference is to inform the church if its ____.
    Financial status
  76. A regular conference should be announced at least ____days before it occurs.
  77. A _____ takes care of business arising between regular conferences.
    Called conference
  78. The usual order if business in a conference includes _____.
    Financial reports if various departments of the church; other reports of committees, and so forth;transfer of membership, if any unfinished business, if any ; and new business.
  79. The authority to appoint pastors is placed in the ____.
    State overseer
  80. When a pastor desires a pastoral change, he/she will submit a letter of request to the _____.
    State overseer
  81. Laity may contact the ____ about local church issues after they have talked with their pastor.
    District overseer
  82. Assistant pastors are subject to the approval and appointment of the ____.
    State overseer
  83. The pastors wife is ____ for appointment as the pastors assistant.
    Considered ineligible
  84. A local church can determine if it is practical to have a ____.
    Church and pastors council
  85. The ____serves as the chairman of the church and pastors council.
  86. A church and pastors council meeting can be called only with the permission of the ___.
    Pastor, district overseer, or state overseer
  87. The church and pastors council assist the pastors ____area (s) of the church.
    Spiritual, financial, and physical
  88. All major local church disbursements must be approved by the church in ____.
  89. A church treasurer will be appointed by the ____ and confirmed by the council and /or body.
  90. Each local church is to provide the treasurer with a copy of the _____ of the international general assembly.
  91. The finance committee consists of the treasurer and _____other members.
  92. A local church that owns any property will appoint a ____.
    Local board of trustees
  93. Before approving a building project, a ____ or his designee will determine if the design and financial programs have been approved by proper authorities.
    State overseer
  94. No church will implement a ___without permission from the state overseer.
    Christian day school
  95. The local church women's ministries committee will consist of___.
    President , Vice President, and secretary-treasurer
  96. The chairman of the local church women's ministries is the ___.
  97. All applicants for ordination as bishop must meet the biblical requirements found in_____.
    1timothy 3:1-7
  98. An applicant for ordination as bishop may be ordained when he is twenty-five years of age, provided he has had at least____years of active ministry.
  99. When an exhorter is serving as pastor and he meets the requirements of the civil laws, he/she may officiate _____.
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