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  1. The church of God began in the ____ if Tennessee, North Carolina, and Georgia.
    Appalachian mountains
  2. The founders of the COG preached a solid ____message.
  3. ____was the term most often used to describe the COG in its early days.
  4. The existence of false teachings in the early days of Pentecostalism made the leaders of the church understand the need for the development of ____.
    Educational institutions
  5. The church is both a ____ and a _____.
    Human organization, divine organization
  6. The basic reason for having polity and for following parliamentary procedure is to accomplish _______ and what the church ought not to do.
    What the church ought to do
  7. Any member of the COG who is ____ years of age and above who is present at the general assembly is able to speak at the assembly.
  8. ____is the official history of the COG.
    Like a mighty army
  9. Since the church of God has a_____ form of government, members do not represent local churches but themselves.
  10. The COG had its beginning in _____.
  11. On August 19, 1886, seven people covenanted with _____and his son _____to find the spiritual life lacking in their churches.
    Richard Spirling, r.g Spirling jr.
  12. The COG was first called the
    Christian union
  13. In 1896, s revival occurred at ______ near Camp creek in Cherokee, North Carolina, that emphasized sanctification.
    Shearer schoolhouse
  14. _____ was a significant layman in the early days of the COG.
    W.f. Bryant
  15. The first general assembly was held on January 26,27, ____ at the home of J.C Murphy in _____.
    1906, North Carolina
  16. The name "Church of God" was adopted in the _____general assembly.
  17. At the second general assembly the assembly instituted a new order of ministry
  18. The first general overseer of the church of God was
    AJ Tomlinson
  19. The church of god evangel was first published as the evening light and church of god evangel in
  20. Recognizing education as an important tool for fulfillment the great commissions the ____was opened on January 1, 1918
    Bible training school
  21. _____ and ____Barr returned to their native Bahamas as the first Church of God in 1923
    F. J lee
  22. In 1924, the assembly established the office of ____, and his responsibility was to serve as clerk of the assemblies
    General secretary
  23. At the general assembly in 1926 three standing boards were created_____.
    Missions board, board of education, and the publishing committee
  24. In 1929, the ____ composed of all ordained ministers was established to convene prior to the assembly
    Bishops council
  25. The Bible training school was renamed ______in honor of f, J lee in 1947
    Lee College
  26. In 1948, the _______was adopted.
    Declaration of faith
  27. The assembly approved _____to be licensed to preach in 1909.
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