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  1. Amount divided between the year for the before July 31 price? $166.50
  2. amount divided between the year for the after July 31 price? $185.00
    $15.50 without Hst
  3. As a retail service memeber you get?
    • -Listing in member directory in the Sunset Country Travel Guide
    • -Location dot on your local town map in the Guide
    • -Directory listing on back of pull-out Travel Map
    • -Link/listing on all 29 of the Sunset Country websites
    • -NEW and best of all- listing, links and location on Mobile App.
  4. Retail and Service Directories? dpending on type of business is owned. Specialty Directories are:
    • -Bait & tackle Shop
    • -Restaurant
    • -Gift Shop
    • -Travel Agent
    • -Grocery & Pharmacy
    • -Gas Station dirctory Map
    • -Guide Service
  5. Mobile App:
    • -The next trend
    • -Everyone is using them
    • -Cheap
    • -More notice
  6. Upgrade Profile Package includes:
    • "Retails who want more website notice"
    • -website profile page
    • -similar to Gold level
    • -Distribution of your brochure at sport Shows
    • -Access to daily, weekly inquiry lists.
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