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  1. Premier
    Online portal for business customers to manage their business accounts
  2. Progression of CDMA
    1xRTT, EV-DO, LTE
  3. Funnel Calculation
    3x5x7 (30 days/60 days/90 days)
  4. FAN vs. BAN
    Multiple BANs to a FAN (15)
  5. Benefits of a FAN
    AE gets paid, customer receives discounts
  6. Steps to follow to get BAN
    • ECPV
    • input (or get) FAN
    • get BAN
  7. Who gets paid (find out/steps)
    • ECPV
    • FAN
    • AT&T Contacts
  8. Verizon offers 22%, what do you need?
    ICB, copy of Verizon bill, complete offer comparison tool
  9. Port 4 lines, $300 credit—what can you do?
    Pay the credit, SBPL, waive deposit
  10. Benefits of Office@Hand
    Mobile system, 800 #, auto attendant
  11. When you use a microcell
    Mini cell tower, in office wireless coverage
  12. GSM & CDMA
    Global standard, talk & surf, 11% of the world
  13. Iphone won’t work in LTE
    true...last 4 models
  14. What is a nonstock device?
    a product that runs over our network but we dont actually sell
  15. What does the COR get paid on?
    Upgrades, features, accessories
  16. What does AMB stand for?
    AT&T mobile business
  17. What are the AMB requirements?
    1 year, CRU, $30 MRC or higher
  18. MRC
    Monthly recurring charge
  19. ETF
    Early termination fee
  20. What is the ETF for a smartphone?
    $325, $10/month
  21. ETF for a basic phone?
    $150, $4/month
  22. What does IRU and CRU stand for?
    Individual responsibility user, corporate responsibility unit
  23. Difference between IRU and CRU?
    Company is responsible/individual is responsible
  24. ACDA
    AT&T corporate digital advantage
  25. What are the international voice plans
    World traveler ($5.99) & World connect ($3.99)
  26. Rugby with voice only
    Opt out data, opt out text, international call restricted
  27. MRC voice
  28. Know the cap for family talk, biz talk, biz pooled & discounts of AMB/ISBS
    • Family talk (5)
    • Biz talk (50)
    • Biz pooled (50)
    • Discounts of AMB, 5+ lines=8%
    • ISBS, 1-4 lines=6%, 5+ lines=10%
  29. If a customer wants unified bill
    Business pooled
  30. CTN
    Customer telephone number
  31. System changes to CTN
  32. Customer uses what to make changes to CTN
  33. What system is used to create a report
  34. What system do you use to locate ETF’s
  35. What system do you use to locate corporate discounts?
  36. What system do you use to manage funnel?
  37. What system do you use to locate AOP?
  38. What system do you use to locate tracking info?
  39. What system do you use to locate tax ID?
  40. What system do you use to locate usage reports?
  41. What system do you use to locate device/prices/promotions
    Equipment pricing grid
  42. TBR and NSR stand for?
    Total billed revenue and new sales revenue
  43. PSTN
    public switched telephone network
  44. Random PSTN question
  45. What is the demarcation point?
    Point where AT&T responsibility ends and customers begins
  46. Difference between central office 3 times
  47. If you were given a BTN, what the phone number and whats the customer code
    The customer code is the first 3 and the phone number are the numbers after that
  48. MARC
    Minimum annual revenue commitment
  49. MAD
    Maximum annual discount
  50. HVCP
    High volume calling plan
  51. TVD
    Total volume discount
  52. CPE
    Customer premised equipment
  53. CO
    Central office
  54. Name two states in each
    • Legacy S:  Oklahoma & texas
    • Legacy B: Georgia and Florida
    • Out of region: Utah & New york
  55. Legacy s&b are regulated by the FCC
  56. Centrex
    Multi location, feature rich, and within CO
  57. SLA
    Service level agreement
  58. What is true for an SLA
    Guarantees specific speeds
  59. 2 pricing components of MIS
    Port and access
  60. MIS plus vs. MIS basic
    Managed, unmanaged
  61. Where do you find MIS pricing
  62. What are 3 parts of a private line and make sure you can locate them on a diagram
     2 local channels and interoffice channel
  63. Price ethernet
  64. Find distance
  65. System to find NPA
  66. T1
  67. DS3
  68. The same 20/45 question on phase 2
  69.  MPLS PNT pricing components
     Access, port, PNT uplift
  70. Local access systems
    Local access combo, eagle, MIS pricing guide
  71. Be able to price MIS (3 questions)
  72. Why is AT&T a tier 1?
    Global network, doesn’t pay to have a network, others pay us for network
  73.  ISDN PRI
     24 channels (last one is a signal), up to 23concurrent voice sessions
  74. ISDN BRI
    Radio, 2 64 kbps channels
  75.  WAN connects
  76. Know the difference between business local calling unlimited, measured, BOT
    • Unlimited: flat rate
    • Measured: per minute
    • BOT: pay a rate for a certain amount of minutes
  77.  Don’t use SAART
    To submit billing inquiries
  78.  2 systems to find CSR’s
     VIP and EBV
  79. Completelink 2.0 definition
    • (Legacy S)
    • Volume Discount offer for customers with local exchange products/services based on MARC and term commitment
    • Only available with In-Region LEC. Customer receives discount percentage (TVD), but capped with MAD
    • Contributory Services:
    • Local Usage
    • Toll-free usage charges
    • Services with MRC
    • PRI, Centrex, and Access Lines
    • One time charges such as installation and jack charges
  80.  2 systems where you can find contract info
    Docviewer and ECATS
  81. Not in eCRM
    Billing adjustments
  82. MCN stand for
     Master customer number
  83.  ASOC
  84.  What is RDS
     Credits and billing adjustments for wireline bills
  85.  EBV
     Enterprise bill viewer (view wireline contracts for legacy B)
  86. Which is not DSL?
  87. Which is not a WAN?
  88. Acct with 171
  89.  Acct with 831
  90.  3 types of long distance
    Interstate, intrastate, international
  91.  2 reasons to choose a legacy B
    Implementation time and unlimited long distance
  92. What is new logo?
    Doesn’t have at&t service and not in Saart
  93. AT&T service guide
     Find SLA’s
  94. Do we discount port or access?
  95. Benefits of Intuit
    create redundancy (back up system/strategy) by using Intuit. Use a smart phone and application + device to take credit card payments.
  96. Know the wireless timeline
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