MIC 541-Exam 5-Parisitology 10

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  1. What body area do nematodes infect?
    Intestinal tract
  2. What are nematodes treated with?
    • mebendazole
    • Albendazole
    • Pyrantel pamoate
  3. What would you use Mebendazole, Albendazole and pyrantel to treat?
  4. How long do Nematodes last in the gut?
    Long periods
  5. What type of parasite is a Pinworm?
    Helminth-Nematode - Intestinal Nematode
  6. What is the best adapted and most widespread nematode?
    Pinworms/Enterobius vermicularis
  7. What is Enterobius vermicularis?
  8. What is another term for Enterobius vermicularis?
  9. What Helminth has the simplest lifecycle?
    Enterobius vermicularis
  10. Describe the lifecycle of Enterobius vermicularis:
    • Male and female mate in intestines
    • eggs laid in rectal area
    • Itching by host causes re-infection by oral fecal route
    • Dust particles transmit to other hosts
  11. If Enterobius vermicularis is found in a patient what should their treatment include?
    The whole family at once
  12. What causes itching in patients with Enterobius vermicularis?
    Wiggling of the female
  13. What type of parasite is Ascaris lumbricoides?
  14. How many people are infected with Ascaris lumbricoides?
    >1 billion worldwide
  15. How many people in the U.S. are infected with Ascaris lumbricoides?
    4 million
  16. Where does Ascaris lumbrocoides reside in the body?
    Small intestine
  17. What is an environmental requirement for Ascaris lumbricoides?
    Warm humid climate for eggs to mature in feces
  18. How many eggs do female Ascaris lumbricoides lay per day?
  19. Once passed from the feces, how long does it take for Ascaris lumbricoides eggs to mature in the soil?
    10-14 days
  20. Describe the lifecycle of Ascaris lumbricoides:
    • Eggs ingested
    • Hatch in intestine
    • Larvae released into blood
    • Rupture blood vessels and enter the lung
    • coughed up and swallowed
    • Return to intestine
  21. How does Ascaris lumbricoides cause damage to th ehost?
    • Larvae in lungs
    • Intestinal obstruction
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