MIC 541-Exam 5-Virology 3

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  1. What limits host cell range and susceptibility?
    Protein receptors for viral binding
  2. What step occurs after viral binding to receptors on the host?
    • Fusion with plasma membrane
    • Endocytosis
    • Penetration through plasma membrane
  3. Describe the process of viral fusion:
    • Fusion entry
    • Receptor binding cause conformation change in envelope and fusion to host plasma membrane
  4. What type of viruses fenter the cell by fusion?
  5. How do enveloped viruese enter the cell?
    Through fusion
  6. Describe viral endocytosis:
    • Virus enters in an endosome (enveloped in host membrane)
    • pH changes cause viral fusion/release from endosome into the cytosol
  7. What type of viruses penetrate the plasma membrane without fusion or endocytosis?
  8. How do non-enveloped viruses enter the host cell?
    Penetration through plasma membrane
  9. What type of viruses enter the cell in a membrane?
    • Those that enter via endocytosis
    • Enveloped
  10. What type of viruses do not enter the hose cell in a membrane?
  11. Is viral uncoating well understood?
  12. What initiates uncoating of a virus?
    • Cellular signals:
    • pH change
    • Receptor binding
  13. What type of uncoating occur?
    • Partial
    • Complete
  14. What type of virus uses partial uncoating?
    Those that use the coat in the formation of the viral replication complex
  15. What can the coat be used for?
    viral replication complex
  16. Where does replication of RNA viruses occur?
    In the cytoplasm
  17. What may aid RNA viral replication?
    Viral replication complexes
  18. What molecule is involved in RNA viral replication?
    RNA polymerase
  19. What is needed for synthesis of viral proteins?
    Relies on host machinery
  20. Where does replication of DNA viruses occur?
    In the nucleus
  21. What molecule is required for replication of viral DNA?
    DNA polymerase
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