MIC 541-Exam 5-Virology 6

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  1. What are the mechanisms of action of Ribovirin?
    • Capping and elongation (RNA polymerase inhibitor)
    • Reverse transcription inhibitor
  2. What anti-viral drug interferes with RNA polymerase action of capping and elongation and reverse transcription?
  3. Do vaccines cause blockage of viral infection?
    No, they just cause rapid clearance
  4. What are the types of immunizations?
    • Active
    • Passive
  5. Describe Active immunity:
    induces immune memory
  6. How can Active immunization be acquired?
    By vaccine or natural infection
  7. What type of vaccinations exits?
    • Prophylactic
    • Post-exposure
    • Therapeutic
  8. What is Passive immunity?
    Temporary immunity without immune memory
  9. What is an example of Passive immunity?
    Administration of viral specific immunoglobulins
  10. What type of immunization is the administration of viral specific immunoglobulins?
  11. What viral diseases can be treated with passive immunization?
    • Rabies
    • Hep B
  12. What viral infections can be treated post-exposure?
    • Rabies
    • Hep B
    • Vaccinia
  13. What type of vaccination can be combined with Passive immunization?
  14. Give an example of Therapeutic vaccination:
    VZV = varicella zoster virus vaccination
  15. What doe therapeutic VZV vaccination do?
    prevents older adults from developing recurrence and neuralgia of chicken pox (shingles)
  16. What are the formulation types for vaccinations?
    • Live-attenuated
    • Whole killed
    • Virus-like parasites
    • subvirion
    • subunit
    • Live
    • defective vectors
  17. Describe a live attenuated vaccine
    • Lab adapted
    • Can produce humoral and cellular immunity
  18. What type of immunity can be produced by inactivated viruses?
  19. What type of vaccine can produce both humoral and cellular immunity?
  20. What is another term for targeted vaccines?
    subunit vaccines
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