MIC 541-Exam 5-Virology 7

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  1. What is another term for subunit vaccines?
    Target Vaccines
  2. What are Subunit/targeted vaccines composed of?
    • Part of protein envelope, capsid, etc.
    • Basically just Antigen delivery
  3. What is an Adjuvant?
    Immunostimulating chemicals derived from natural products
  4. What is the mechanism of act ion of adjuvants?
    Not well understood
  5. What are the methods of delivery for vaccines/
    Mucosal and Injection
  6. What subcategories are there for mucosal injections?
    • Oral
    • Intranasal
  7. What was given as an example of an intranasal vaccine?
  8. What was given as an example of an oral vaccine?
    • Rotavirus vaccine
    • Poliovirus vaccine
  9. What are the strategies against HIV?
    • Live attenuated
    • Whole killed
    • ENV peptides
    • Plasmid DNA
    • Recombinant viral vectors
    • Recombinant Bacterial vectors
  10. What is the ultimate goal of vaccination?
  11. What characteristics can eradication be possible for?
    • Viruses with:
    • No viral reservoir
    • Not able to make major antigenic changes
    • Viruses with distinct clinical signs
  12. What are possible viruses for eradication?
    • Measles
    • polio
    • Smallpox
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